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Value-based Education: Enriching young minds with uFaber's Real School program

Spotlight | DC Correspondent

Published on: January 7, 2022 | Updated on: January 7, 2022

Over 30 countries have made computer science a compulsory subject for students from grades KG to 12

Rohit Jain, Founder, uFaber. (Photo by arrangement)

Rohit Jain, Founder, uFaber. (Photo by arrangement)

As the pandemic shifted the spotlight away from classroom learning towards online education, our perception of education transformed as well. Educating our children is no longer just about sending them to school; it is also about preparing them to tackle the future's challenges and difficulties. Parents are coming to the realization that, because each child is unique, modifying child's learning style reaps the greatest benefits. Students at uFaber's Real School are trained for problem-solving, leadership, critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation, as well as cooperation and communication skills.

"Children in India are well-versed with technology these days. Early exposure to technology advancements changed the way children communicate, collaborate, and create. Because they consume information, think, and learn in different ways, coding is now more crucial than ever. Education bodies all throughout the world are implementing some type of computing curriculum beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Over 30 countries have made computer science a compulsory subject for students from grades KG to 12. The NEP 2020 in India has made coding a compulsory subject from class 6 onwards. ," said Rohit Jain, Founder, uFaber, during a conversation with Deccan Chronicle.

Ved Patil, a 10-year-old boy, is fascinated by the robotics kit which he received from Real School, which is unlike anything he has ever seen. He is not only interested in robotics and game development now that he is with Real School and is mentored by some of the top instructors out there, but he has also learnt to communicate himself better in front of others. His clarity of thought and expressions demonstrate that he has excellent intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, which is unusual in a child of this age.

The Real School Masterclasses program breaks down the obstacles between the time of learning by giving students dedicated time each day to manage their academics, develop their soft skills, and work on their thinking patterns through mindfulness activities and self-reflection in a rich, authentic learning environment. In this program students are exposed to a variety of learning methods. If students require assistance or clarification, their instructors are available throughout the day to work with them 1:1. As a result, our teachers can act as content-area coaches who can adapt as needed.

The well designed courses of Masterclasses are personally delivered by expert trainers, expanding the options available before today’s parents to get their children better equipped for careers of the future. The subjects available range from drone robotics, mobile app development, phonics & early reading, advanced fluency & social communication, IoT, Raspberry Pi, Creative Arts to space exploration. Duration of these courses vary from 2.5 months to 24 months. Pricing starts at Rs. 12,500 going up to Rs. 1,20,000 depending on the topic and course duration. uFaber also is offering 500+ Masterclasses which can be booked per class basis at just Rs.199 per class.

Founded in 2015, by two IIT-Mumbai engineers who between them had 25 years of edtech experience by then, uFaber is India’s only bootstrapped and profitable edtech venture to have Rs. 100 crore in revenues (FY 2021-2022), 1 million learners and 60,000+ subscribers. It offers hyper-personalised learning solutions for those aged 7 to adults. uFaber’s mission is to create a utopian education ecosystem, by breaking rigid walls of timetable and classroom, placing the student in the centre of it, powered by "passionate teachers". The team right from the founders, to counsellors and mentors are driven by the common purpose of creating and sustaining a culture of learning/growth. uFaber is market leader in the IELTS coaching space, has a growing footprint in the UPSC, Real School in K-12 segment, and a high growth offering for early career professionals and final year students called Fluent Life among others.

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