How to make 2021 your #BestYearEver with your own #BestMeEver

Global Master Coach Myke Celis is making sure to improve the resolutions for the coming year to help people become their new selves

Nowadays, oftentimes heard is the phrase "new year, new me". Global Master Coach Myke Celis is making sure to improve the resolutions for the coming year to help people become their new selves. Considered as a "Unicorn" in his field, Myke Celis is constantly growing famous globally as a celebrity life coach for changing the norms of the society through his breakthrough takes on coaching and mentoring.

Known for transforming various lives around him worldwide, his precisely curated coaching programs have been sparking numerous #BestMeEver moments among those who are lucky enough to avail of them. Myke Celis, to date, is the personal coach of a number of celebrities, top executives and successful people --- all of which he fondly calls his “Unicorns”.

With his coaching brand making waves immensely in 2020, his core focus was to build programs that covered the importance of self-empowerment, something which people experiencing the global pandemic needed. His signature two-pronged program, #BestMeEver, was geared towards healing and growth. On the side, he did a lot of pro-bono work to help people to deal with the challenges of the outbreak, connect with the LGBTQ community and comfort and give clarity to the ones experiencing stress and anxiety while mentoring aspiring coaches who want to thrive in their specific niche.

Leading his virtual coaching and mentoring programs amid the pandemic, Celis says, "The whole pandemic was a game-changer for me. A lot of stories of my coachees have brought immense joy in my heart, whether it’s all about being able to bounce back and start all over again from scratch or to find happiness and purpose as he/she discovers self-love and self-worth. To be able to give hope and inspiration to all those in need during trying times can be so life-changing even for me."

For Celis, the coaching journey continues in 2021, this time focused on self-recalibration and discovery. 2021 will mark the launch of his coaching retreat series, #BestMeEver: #SELFscovery, which will reveal the secrets of optimum self-growth through intensive self-encounter. Myke explains, "I will be working hand in hand with a handful of my coach mentees and other coaches who are very much experienced in their respective fields to ensure that every attendee will have a very well-rounded and rewarding self-discovery experience."

This Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and international best-selling author of 5 inspirational titles, Myke candidly admits that the journey to one’s self is far from easy. “I’ve had my own fair share of challenges before and I exactly know how it feels to be living in fear, sadness, anger, shame and regrets – all of which I have let go of by choice. Through this program, I hope to give that life-changing opportunity to the attendees to be able to choose themselves first without guilt or second thoughts because that’s what they deserve.”

Recently chosen as one of the global ambassadors for the global campaigns of social media giants Facebook (#SocialForGood) and Tiktok (#LearnOnTikTok) while working with a number of brands on the side, Myke shares a few tips on how to have the best year ever this coming 2021:

“It’s all about journeying within and recognizing what you need and want exactly. It’s time to assess your current space and compartmentalize everything based on your own terms. Let go of all the things that no longer work for you. Remember, your 2020 experience shouldn’t define you – it should inspire you to do better instead in 2021. So remind yourself of the important lessons you’ve learned. The people who stayed and have your back. Your own skills and strengths. The love and appreciation for yourself. Know that you have more than enough to thrive and succeed in 2021. And it starts with believing in yourself whole and embracing the person that you’re meant to be, fully. Be open to change and to being uncomfortable as you grow. Time to invest in yourself (and your growth) more this time around.”

While encouraging to embrace the lessons of 2020 and walking ahead, Myke strives to instill a spark of hope and self-love in every individual, no matter how the world turns out to be.

Aiming to welcome the new year with a "new you", his final words of wisdom manage to empower the heart of #BestMeEver.

"Wherever you are right now, whatever you’ve been through, whatever you’re going through and whatever still awaits you, know that it’s ok. You are exactly where you’re meant to be. So hold on to hope and trust yourself and the process. Because 2021 is all about becoming your own #bestmeever. That can only happen when you finally choose yourself (and what truly makes you happy, complete and fulfilled) first as you make 2021 your best year ever.”

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