Design your home to suit your style and budget with premium furniture from Furbicle

Homes are our life's most significant investments, and building your dream home is an overwhelming yet rewarding experience

Furbicle is an online furniture store with a vision to provide premium furniture that’s built-to-last, comfortable, contemporary, and also good for the planet.

Homes are our life’s most significant investments, and building your dream home is an overwhelming yet rewarding experience. Of course, starting from zero can be daunting as there are various elements to be taken care of - furniture being one of the most important ones. Getting furniture that suits your sense of style is essential to building that perfect home, and it can work out to be expensive.

However, the exercise can be fun and satisfying, especially with the help of Furbicle and its affordable catalogue of new-age premium furniture.

Build a mood board for your dream home

Before you spend any of your hard-earned money, the first step in the design process is to bring your imagination to reality through a mood board.

Start with the purpose of the space, the practical needs and the overall feel or mood of the room. Once these are clear, then move on to the style, theme and room colours. After finalising these details, you can look for the kind of furniture that matches your setup, be it modern, traditional, ethnic or minimal. You will find many different styles within Furbicle’s catalogue of remanufactured products.

Decide on a budget to work within

Here is where you must balance your vision and design priorities with the cost of furnishing your home. It is crucial to have a well-defined budget to set realistic goals on the furniture and home decor items that can be bought for each space. With proper planning, you can find affordable furniture that reflects your mood board without going over budget. And with remanufactured furniture, you can go one step ahead and ensure that you also do your bit for the planet.

Find the furniture that works for your space

Space planning impacts scale and is essential. People often use too large or too small furniture for a space, so make sure you strike a balance. Consider establishing zones for different activities; a seating area conducive to conversation, another for television viewing, a work area with a desk or table for projects or games.

Proportion and scale are key, so think about the visual weight and distribution to balance your items. You can opt for Furbicle’s furniture and decor items to evenly distribute various elements in your space. Such as pair a dining table with minimalist lamps and rugs to complement it.

Go for multifunctional furniture to optimise space

The ultimate goal of interior design in smaller homes is to create the illusion of space – with the use of colours, multifunctional furniture, and creatively arranging items in each room. For example, furniture with built-in storage compartments save space and lend to a cleaner, neater look. Storage beds that combine adequate space with a sleek design bring a contemporary feel to your bedroom.

Furniture does account for most space in any home, so using multifunctional furniture that changes its shape and size according to the need of the hour is the way to go.

Make a design statement with decor and accents.

Remember that your home is a reflection of ‘you’. So, decorate it to match your unique personality. Whether your ideal home features a sleek, stylish and innovative design or a traditional laid-back setup - the choice is yours to make.

You can make your statement space by opting for coloured furniture instead of plain shades or choosing coloured walls against sofas or beds. You can also incorporate indoor plants, wall art and furnishings to bring the whole look together.

What’s more?

Remanufactured furniture not only gives you immense value for money but also reduces your carbon footprint, limits wastage, and has an overall low environmental impact. You can browse through an entire collection of remanufactured products at - now available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram, Faridabad and Noida.

Your home is where you spend most of your time, so the space needs to reflect you. There are no rights or wrongs in how you want to design it, so feel free to add a personal spin and work within your budget to make it special.

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