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Inspiring journey of singer Puneet Devgan for the youth

Published Oct 6, 2020, 4:22 pm IST
Updated Oct 6, 2020, 4:23 pm IST
Puneet Devgan
 Puneet Devgan

Punjabi culture and music are vastly popular around the world. At one point it was just a regional cultural thing and now it has become a global phenomenon and people everywhere listen to music and enjoy it.

Not only it is popular in the Punjabi film and music industry but It has also heavily effected the Bollywood industry and most of Bollywood's music is dominated by Punjabi music and songs.

One of the many reasons for that is the amazing singers with their amazing voice and performances that connect with people. Puneet Devgan is one such wonderful singer of Punjab who is super popular because of his singing skills.

The vocals of Puneet are highly appreciated by the audience and his performances in his songs have been very remarkable. He is a very popular name in the Punjabi music industry and his songs are viral amongst the youngsters.

The craze is such for his songs that his videos on youtube get millions of views and thousands of likes. Over time with his music he has gained a huge fan following for himself. As a young artist in the industry to gain such a fan following and appreciation is rare and it shows how amazing a powerhouse of talent Puneet Devgan is.

Puneet Devgan who has now become a huge sensation comes from very humble and simple family background. He hails from Amritsar, Punjab, and lives and breathes music. His passion for music started at a very young age and while growing up his inspiration was the legendary Punjabi Singer Gurdas Mann. He had a dream and will to become a great singer like him and it seems he seems to be on the right path.

It is just a matter of years and he has been doing some tremendous work in the Punjabi music industry. Just a short period he has achieved both fame and respect of the industry and the fans as well. Puneet Devgan has shown that hard work and will power can achieve anything.


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