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Careers N' Options: Blessing in disguise for students who aspire to study abroad

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Published on: October 6, 2020 | Updated on: October 6, 2020

Careers N' Options aims to provide the right kind of career counselling which helps the student in selecting the appropriate subject

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If you thought that the raging Coronavirus syndrome could jeopardise your plans to study abroad, then don’t jump the gun too soon, as one of the leading lights in the field of career counselling  - Careers N’ Options Services Pvt Ltd – have just the right options made available to you regarding selection of the right college and even the career options matching one’s profile.
Careers N’ Options aims to provide the right kind of career counselling which helps the student in selecting the appropriate subject as per his or hers capabilities while deciding to pursue academics abroad.
As one of the leading and trusted names in the field of career counselling , Careers N’ Options has a large data bank related to teaching methods followed in several countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada among others.
Following a simple approach, Careers N’ Options team offers guidance to students aspiring to study abroad, like advising them about the right kind of courses and also regarding the approach which needs to be adopted while tackling the subjects taken by them.
Apart from this, what sets Careers N’ Options apart from the rest is that its counsellors focus on mental and intellectual well being of the students also.
This is achieved by them through individual psychometric tests conducted on each student, which helps them in prioritising the subject and the stream which they need to follow as per their profile. Also in Careers N’ Options, the counsellors also guide students about the colleges and universities which they should opt for based on their backgrounds.
Students , most of whom are travelling for the first time in their lives, are also guided about the admission formalities, visa application, flight availability, booking of tickets and accommodation in the country of their choice, by the Careers N’ Options team.
By offering personalised counselling to students and providing them with all the kind of psychological and mental training to tackle the admission process for courses available for studying abroad, Careers N’ Options has also managed to keep the students in sync with the prevailing best practices around the world.
CNOSPL Virtual
Keeping in mind the ongoing scenario which has been triggered by the Corona virus pandemic, where online studying has become the new normal, Careers N’ Options has been offering a seamless counselling and consultation experience.
In line with this, students with the help of the digital medium, can, from the comfort of their homes, avail e-counselling sessions and also apply for visa and complete admission related formalities.
For this purpose, Careers N' Options has introduced CNOSPL virtual which ensures safety for aspiring students wanting to apply abroad for higher studies.
Also free live virtual counselling is offered by Careers N’ Options for students, seeking to apply for courses abroad, where step by step all the processes are explained to them.

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