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Join PeachPay, the one-stop platform to manage your freelance business

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Published on: January 5, 2022 | Updated on: January 5, 2022

You can sign up for PeachPay, for free at;

Freelancers can use the platform to schedule free discovery calls with clients, offer paid consultations. (Photo by arrangement)

Freelancers can use the platform to schedule free discovery calls with clients, offer paid consultations. (Photo by arrangement)

Manage your freelance business with PeachPay, the all-in-one tool for freelancers and independent service providers to generate invoices, schedule appointments, sell digital goods/services and receive payments from clients.

[Washington, D.C, United States 23 Dec 2021] - Since its establishment in March 2020, PeachPay has been a preference of 14,000 satisfied independent service providers and consultants as the best solution to run their freelance businesses with more efficiency. Established by Charles Zhang, founder of many digital revolutionary solutions like Donorbox, DealBk, and AppUseful, PeachPay offers a wide range of benefits such as hassle-free meeting scheduling, fast and effective digital goods selling, super quick invoice generation, and payment collection. All without paying exorbitant fees.

You can sign up for PeachPay, for free at;

Freelancers can use the platform to schedule free discovery calls with clients, offer paid consultations. With only a few taps, collect one-time and recurring payments in more than 135 different currencies through bank transfer, crypto-currencies, Apple & GooglePay. Unlimited invoices can be sent to unlimited clients for free, along with automatic reminders before due dates to collect payments. Payments are processed securely by trusted payment providers, Stripe and Coinbase. Moreover, PeachPay allows users to split the transaction fees and set up customized "Pay Me" pages.

Users can quickly sell their digital goods and services using customized, mobile-friendly pages. Users can swiftly set up new digital product listings with marketing images, content previews, and instant downloads. Direct links to these pages can be added to social media profiles, websites or easily shared via customized links and QR codes.

Upon being inquired about how Charles came to explore this market gap, he shared, "During freelancing, the major challenges that got fellow freelancers and me frustrated was inflated prices and usage of multiple separate products to complete my workings. Soon I noted that we, the service providers, are more focused on accomplishing our tasks flawlessly than the stress on the tools used. With this goal in mind, I started PeachPay".

He further added, "The huge freelance market across the world, especially in countries like the USA, Brazil and India, has huge potential and needs for such a solution. Moreover, with the ongoing pandemic, a boom has been observed in the flux of individuals opting for freelance work. I strongly believe that PeachPay will be widely adopted in these markets as it truly enables freelancers to make their work efficient and effective."

Charles's comments are supported by the fact that more than one-third of the American workforce is operating in the freelance sector amid the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing $1.4 trillion to the US economy. India is the second-fastest-growing freelance market globally, consisting of around 15 Million freelancers, working independently in a wide array of sectors including IT & Programming, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Designing, etc. A recent report suggested that "a permanent change in the global workforce is inevitable. As we advance, while there will still be space for full-time employees, more and more companies will seek remote and freelance workers for a wider variety of tasks". By 2025, freelancing statistics are estimated to grow to $20-30 billion in India.

Rick, Content Creator shares, "I can easily share all my content with just one link with PeachPay. I love how easy it is to sell ebooks to my social followers.'' Another user, Varun Youtube Creator, shares, "I can now just focus on creating content for my clients while PeachPay takes care of the rest of the things."

About Founder:

Charles Zhang is the Founder and CEO of PeachPay and Donorbox, a company that has aided over 50,000 companies raising more than $1 billion in 35+ countries as donations. Donorbox was founded in 2014 and, from then, has grown to a diverse team of 60 individuals spread across eight states and 14 countries. Charles is also a serial entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast who has co-founded several other ventures.

Blog: peachpay/blog

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