Himanshu Gaur & Chetan Jangra Explains Importance Of Advertising For Business Growth

This dynamic duo has changed the face of digital marketing through their unique approach

This dynamic duo has changed the face of Digital Marketing through their unique approach.

In today's cut-throat competitive world traditional methods of advertising and marketing are not enough to boost any business or brands growth. The need of proper strategic planning has become essential in present times. The traditional methods are no longer effective and require that extra boost through other means, Digital Marketing being the most preferred ones at present. The growth of the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities to get your product or services to a large customer base irrespective of geographical limitations.

Digital Marketing has become the most preferred medium in today's times which has the potential to boost any businesses growth to undefined heights. There are a whole lot of brilliant minds who have made a mark for themselves in the Digital Marketing industry and Himanshu Gaur, Chetan Jangra and Gaurav Rajotiya are one such trio who have redefined the advertising space by launching their venture 'Social Bird Pvt. Ltd’.

The co-founder of 'Social Bird Pvt. Ltd', Himanshu Gaur says "For any venture to succeed and run efficiently, teamwork is essential, as without the right people who have similar thought process, it's difficult to sustain any partnership for a long period, I also feel that education is important in one's life, but nothing beats practical knowledge and on the field experience also one should accept failures and learn from it." The young entrepreneurs strongly feel that one should stay invested for a better future and you have to analyze each situation from different perspectives for optimum results.

Amidst the recent global pandemic which took the economy back a few decades 'Social Bird Pvt. Ltd’ helped many businesses which were on the verge of collapsing through their strategic approach which helped them regain their standing in the currently falling markets. Their services have won them many local and international clients and they have emerged as the most sought after advertising agencies of today's times.

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