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Digital strategist Ashish Bansal explains fundamentals of PR in compelling points

Published Sep 4, 2020, 6:40 pm IST
Updated Sep 4, 2020, 6:40 pm IST
Ashish Bansal is someone who has always been interested in learning new things
Ashish Bansal
 Ashish Bansal

This pandemic has brought about many changes in the way things and people used to function. The digital industry has not been left untouched in this changing scenario.

Ashish Bansal is someone who has always been interested in learning new things. He has been in this industry for years now and growing his expertise everyday.


According to him, digitisation was an option earlier, but this pandemic has made it a necessity now. With countries being under a lockdown and people staying indoors, social media has been the primary option to reach the audience. That is the reason why everyone wants to have a strong digital presence now.

Currently owning the digital media agency called Born Social, the young entrepreneur has been working with people all around the globe. From the entertainment media industry to political and business sector, he has worked with clients ranging from different sectors around the globe.


Hence, he understands what helps in growing a brand or a person digitally. Bansal specializes in brand building and reputation management. He understands the importance of public relations very well and here’s how he explains them:

Builds brand credibility

The more the people are hammered with your brand on different platforms with a good image, the more credible your brand gets. For a brand or a person to become successful, it is of utmost importance to be credible in the eyes of the people.
Public relations is something that does the job for you via the experts working on portraying you in a good light.


Re-shapes the image of a brand or a person

The way people see a brand matters a lot. Having a good image in the eyes of your consumers is something that is non-negotiable. I, as a digital expert, focus a lot on re-shaping my client’s image into something that is more relatable and more trustworthy to the people.

Enhances your online presence and reach

Another important aspect of public relations is expanding your reach and focusing mainly on your target audience.

We use the correct medium and channels to influence the right set of people about the brand. PR just increases the chances of your visibility and gives you greater recognition.  


Gives you business leads

The more people you are able to reach, the greater your network becomes. When we work on the overall image and reputation of our clients, it is something that is sure to turn into building more leads for them or bring in more profit to their business.
Because, at the end of the day, the client wants to grow in all terms.

Establishes a relationship with your consumer base

When we are putting your brand out there to build a good reputation, at the same time we are giving a chance to the people to connect with the brand.


Given that it has reached the right set of people, it will surely build a relationship with your consumer base. Since PR is a long-term game, I always try to aim my campaigns or strategies around building a stronger relationship with the people as it makes all the difference for a brand or a person.  

As a parting note, the young man gave a piece of advice which probably everyone should stick to – “Value your work and relationships more than money because they are something that will help you in the long run”.

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