Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu Understands that a One-Man Team Can Only Go So Far

Cantu grew up in Dallas, Texas, and he watched his grandfather build a successful auto-upholstery business from the ground up

Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu understands the importance of teamwork.

He managed to meet three like-minded entrepreneurs who later became his business partners, and together they were able to combine their wide skill sets to create a million-dollar business. “A one-man show can only go so far,” says Cantu.

“The number one thing in a team is unity. I’d rather have someone who is 75% qualified and who can get along with everyone than someone who is 100% qualified and doesn’t get along with everyone.”

Cantu grew up in Dallas, Texas, and he watched his grandfather build a successful auto-upholstery business from the ground up.

The business employed almost all of his family members, and he felt the pressure of having to follow their footsteps. When it came time to choose a path, he enrolled himself in the

University of Texas at Dallas. After graduating with a degree in marketing, he left Texas behind and started a new chapter of his life in Los Angeles, California.

Cantu heard about an E-commerce event happening in California and decided to attend as the event was filled with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

The event led him to meet his future business partner, Andy Ta Kong, and they quickly developed a close friendship. Cantu was later invited to his birthday party.

During the party, Ta Kong and Cantu spent the entire night away from the party discussing potential business ideas as hundreds of people celebrated Ta Kong’s big day without him.

Cantu and Ta Kong still reminisce and laugh about how they came up with their Amazon business while there was a party going on downstairs filled with people who attended specifically to see Ta Kong.

A few days later, Andy introduced Cantu to his roommate, Paul Gerard Parker. Parker was interested in the duo’s business plans and jumped on board turning two partners into three.

While at another networking event in Los Angeles, Cantu met ATM business guru Mohammed Shakaoat, who was hosting the event. There were no prior plans to partner, but what started out as “just another event” led to Cantu gaining yet another knowledgeable business partner.

The four partners combined their skills together and created Project Wifi, a business offering dropshipping mentorship and Amazon management. In just nine months, they have amassed over $19,000,000, helping over 55 companies grow to new heights.

If it weren’t for all of them being at the right place at the right time, Project Wifi would be nothing but an idea.

Cantu plans to grow Project Wifi so they can employ more people from overseas to help others live a lifestyle like theirs. We wish Marcello Cantu and his team the best in their future endeavors.

For more about Cantu and his exciting projects, you can follow him on his Instagram.

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