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Teaching, Learning, Creating Leaders: The IPE Classroom

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Published on: June 4, 2022 | Updated on: June 5, 2022

IPE has time and again proved its eminence in teaching, learning and moulding leaders of the future

The business education scenario in the country has been fortunate enough to have some outstanding B-schools that deploy the best teaching methods and the best teachers.   By arrangement

The business education scenario in the country has been fortunate enough to have some outstanding B-schools that deploy the best teaching methods and the best teachers. By arrangement

Learning paves the path for change. Change, more often than not, may be seen as a phenomenon that gets triggered in classrooms. The potential for improved performance leads to future learning, as one comes out in flying colours from within the four walls of classrooms. What is learned in classrooms comes handy as students pursue their careers later on. 

Management institutions across the country seem to be holding the principle of quality learning close to their hearts as they ready the flying-out of successful learners to the world that awaits them. As has been said many times by many wise men and women before, business leadership traits get unwrapped in classrooms. And for that, the best teachers and the best curriculum serve as catalysts. 

The business education scenario in the country has been fortunate enough to have some outstanding B-schools that deploy the best teaching methods and the best teachers who look forward to a brighter future for the students they train. It needs to be acknowledged that the mushrooming of B-schools in India has also led to the uncovering of some good teaching talent. The end result is the moulding of leaders of tomorrow, which such B-schools can always be proud of.

It is here that a name like Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) assumes much significance. The Hyderabad-based B-school has made a name for itself as one of the premier management institutes that have been gifting the world future leaders, every passing year. And all the students who pass out of IPE vouch for the fact that the basic foundation of their passing out in flying colours lies in the manner in which they were handheld and guided by the faculty, which comprise reputed names in the industry. Once a student secures admission at IPE, it becomes a norm that he/she goes through the rigorous realities of being a management student. And, there the student would find teachers from whom he/she can imbibe the nuances of being a future business leader in the big bad world that awaits him. 

Professional eminence core to IPE

The Hyderabad-based Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) is one B-school that has its commitment well cemented in professional eminence. The faculty draws a blueprint on how a B-school should be, and what the student needs to learn on campus. The well-charted-out curriculum structure goes in line with the needs of tomorrow, and that explains why IPE has an unending stack of success stories from the past years.

The IPE was established in 1964 as an autonomous non-profit society. The institute today stands supreme in Hyderabad as a premier AICTE-approved Institute that has to its credit illustrious alumni trained by an expert faculty comprising luminaries. The stress is on transforming students into leaders who would be at the wheel of corporate organizations, government departments and other various strata of society. IPE has been, over the past decades since its inception, focusing much on management education, research, consultancy, and training, thus showcasing the prime aspects of management education to the world beyond the campus. 

After IPE rolled out its two-year full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme back in 1995, the path toward creating the best in terms of leadership skills began. Post-1995, IPE had ushered in a variety of names that emanated brilliance as the faculty under whom students would undergo their learning processes. The IPE alumni, currently leading businesses and organisations worldwide, present a vivid picture of how significant the training processes are all through the years. 

Paving the way for careers of the future

Foreseeing the needs of businesses, management research and the upcoming requirements at organisations in both government and corporate sectors is a norm for the teaching staff at IPE, and they excel in coming up with experiments in teaching and learning processes hitherto unseen, leading to glorious results. The IPE faculty has made it a point to review the market so as to tweak the teaching platforms and processes to good effect. The sector-specific PGDM programmes in the areas of Marketing, Banking Insurance and Financial Services, International Business and Human Resource Management stand testimony to the fact that the curriculum devised for the business leaders of tomorrow is flawless and to maximum effect.

An aspect that has stood by the IPE is the understanding the institute has of its domain and the experience gathered over the decades. Students who have been at the campus for their management programmes have imbibed the faith IPE and its faculty have placed on them. So have the recruiting majors who come calling at end of every course tenure. The corporate HR teams who seek to pick the best of talent have wholeheartedly endorsed the eminence in teaching, learning, and the creation of future leaders at the Institute of Public Enterprise. The bond they share with IPE is to go on. Know more about IPE here.

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