Samuel Onuha gives his top tips on starting a business

This young and benevolent man has impacted the lives of the many for the better by inspiring them to start their own business

This young and benevolent man has impacted the lives of the many for the better by inspiring them to start their own business.

Samuel Onuha learnt everything from scratch and then went on to earn a name for himself in the online business. This is certainly a sight to behold because so many of them have come forward and challenged their own selves to do something great in their areas of interest. However, some of them lack the right opportunities in life and some others give up half-way thinking of the competition or because of the lack of confidence in them to take over their dreams.

Fortunately, the world has seen some of the most amazing success stories so far of entrepreneurs who have shown the light to others and have become true inspirational stories for the world to know. One of those individuals is businessman Samuel Onuha, who has been doing exceptionally well in the world of entrepreneurship.

Onuha keeps his mother as the biggest motivator on this planet. She made sure how things can grow without having his father. Although he was not able to do all the things he promised to do in school as his mother always wanted, she never left him alone during the struggle but gave him freedom in the things he was pursuing.

Starting at a young age himself, he wants to share simple tips for youngsters to find success in their lives.

• Forget the grades: Many youngsters have the perception that only good grades can help them succeed in their ventures. However, Samuel Onuha believes that this is not a fact. People who believe in their dreams and have confidence to work towards the same, no grades stand important in front of that.

• Find like-minded people: It is essential in life to be surrounded by people who think and believe similarly. Samuel Onuha says youngsters need to find their tribe and like-minded people to explore more ideas together, work upon them, share more knowledge and emerge as winners in life.

• See the bigger picture: The Dutch businessman suggests always see the bigger picture and imagine themselves at the place they wish to get. This will keep giving them the confidence they need and help them stay on track.

• It’s okay to fail: Often, life places us in front of hurdles and challenges, not to necessarily fail us but to make us learn new things through the process. Onuha says that everyone must develop a winner mentality but also understand that it is okay to fail sometimes, as these experiences can help them learn many new things and make them more mentally strong.

Samuel Onuha is known across the Dutch entrepreneurial community not just for his tremendous efforts as a businessman but also as a gentleman who has been working day and night to turn his dreams into reality.

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