When a cute love story makes the world a better place

Life can be Beautiful may be his debut novel, but the versatile personality with a keen eye for originality, author Sunil Gupta, aimed big

The last couple of years have been anything but a test of the resolve of human beings to cope with adversities never imagined. There is no dearth of lives that have fallen for despair and lost all hope. There are others who continue to live in fear of more unknown challenges.

It is amidst these tribulations that comes a whiff of fresh air to remind us that `Life can be beautiful’ and not just that, it shows the way and convinces us that `it is indeed beautiful.’

`Life can be Beautiful’ may be his debut novel, but the versatile personality with a keen eye for originality, author Sunil Gupta, has aimed big. He wants to make an impact not just in India but globally, through the novel. He emotionally declares it as “India’s message of love, the cutest love story ever.”

A reading of the novel confirms that it is an extension of his passionate beliefs which have always reflected in the kind hearted Sunil’s much appreciated work, over the years.

The multi-talented creative personality who is all heart is not just a passionate writer but also a passionate director, producer, lyricist and music composer.

Sunil has won accolades for his patriotic music video “Ananya Bharat” that depicts the diversity of India and the unity that lies within. He has not just written the lyrics, but also composed the music and directed the music video that is very popular on YouTube

Sunil showed what women empowerment is all about through his short film `Ladke Rote Hain’ that he wrote, produced and directed and is featured on YouTube.

There is also the popular thriller feature film `Woh Pehli Baar’ written, directed and produced by him. It deals with human psychology and emotions. Sunil has also written the lyrics and composed spectacular music for the trending movie that enjoyed top spot on MX Player.

Following the success of his passionate work so far, Sunil decided to embark on the journey of `Life Can be Beautiful’. He decided to take his mission on a larger canvas shining through the covid pandemic. He decided to go global with his message, the message that stresses what India stands for, the message of love to bring a smile on every face, a message to make a difference to every life on earth.

Speaking about his labour of love, Sunil explains, “It is a cute love story, but unlike others, this one is a love story between a father and his 6 year old daughter.”

Sunil does not restrict himself to simply telling a cute love story, he ensures the love story makes a big difference to humanity. He reveals, “This story is touching and emotional, a sad and happy ride of life, which will inspire people to change the way they look at all things, relevant or not. Challenges which are dealt with positively are not a burden, they lead to success.”

Explaining the global message in the unique Indian love story, Sunil says, “Love is universal and the most potent catalyst for mass happiness. The story proves its strength and power. It showcases what love can achieve, how that love can touch every heart and transform our mindset and that of the world.”

Sunil’s passion to ensure the message gets across on a huge platform is already finding echo with serious enquiries coming in for adaptation of the novel in to a mega movie for the big screen.

Sunil is meanwhile making sure the message reaches the right hearts. He informs, “In the novel, love leads to a movement that makes this world a better place to live in. I want to make sure this happens. I am sending the novel to all the heads of the state in the world, to the embassies and the United Nations. I am starting with our own esteemed prime minister Shri Narendra Modiji, who will be the first to get the novel.”

Very importantly, Sunil is not simply all talk about passion. He is actually walking the talk himself. He has decided that 51% of the royalty from the sale of the novel will go for charity especially to orphanages.

Concludes the man on a mission, “Being happy is a state of mind and that power is inherent in us all. All we need is to channelize that power. Being together, being for all is the key to our as well as world happiness.”

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