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Start Your Digital Payment Journey with Zaakpay

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Published on: January 3, 2022 | Updated on: January 18, 2022

Zaakpay allows you to streamline bulk payment collection through its payment gateway and receive express payments with 100+ payment modes

Zaakpay provides dynamic APIs that make the payout and refund process super easy. You can use its dashboard to initiate refunds and monitor the status.  By arrangement

Zaakpay provides dynamic APIs that make the payout and refund process super easy. You can use its dashboard to initiate refunds and monitor the status. By arrangement

Zaakpay is an online digital payments platform, fast paving the way for ultimate digitization in the transaction market. Incorporated by MobiKwik, Zaakpay offers quick, reliable, and secure payment options for customers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups. Mobilizing business within a day of integration, you can start accepting payments via multiple payment modes like Debit or Credit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, digital wallets, and more.

Zaakpay: An Efficient Payment Gateway for Startups

Startups need a glitch-free payment experience so that their first experience with clients or vendors is fool-proof and hassle-free. They would need to integrate their applications with a payment gateway that provides their customers multiple payment options through various payment modes. It should also be able to ensure higher transaction success rates and fewer errors.

Startups in the early stages have limited resources and therefore need a payment gateway that is easy to set up and cost-effective. Zaakpay offers the easiest way to automate new businesses with advanced payment solutions at much lower rates.  For all startups after January 1, 2019, Zaakpay offers priority onboarding support with up to Rs 10 lakhs of credits and rewards. (*Conditions apply)

Not only that, startups can avail the core expertise and mentorship sessions along with an extended reach through Zaakpay’s website and social media channels. Core competencies are the major strategic advantage businesses can have over their competitors in the market.

Zaakpay: India’s leading eCommerce Payment Gateway

For eCommerce businesses, Zaakpay offers convenient cashless payment options for customers. Whether the business deals with online shopping, movie tickets, flight ticket booking, or financial services such as personal loans or shopping loans, Zaakpay provides a secure and reliable payment gateway with quick onboarding and installation.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business or enterprise, you may or may not have a business website or app, or both. Zaakpay provides efficient payment services to help grow your business.

  • Zaakpay allows you to streamline bulk payment collection through its payment
    gateway and receive express payments with 100+ payment modes.
  • It simplifies and optimizes the checkout process for customers making a purchase due to multiple payment options. This makes it convenient for the customers and reduces the chances of online cart abandonment. In turn, it steps up conversions for your business.
  • The payment gateway is ultra-secure and based on compliance with the latest safety and encryption protocols.
  • Merchants can control their payment, refunds, invoicing, and payment reminders, all from a single dashboard on the app.
  • They also get access to their sales data over a week or a month and customer behavior insights with Zaakpay’s advanced analytical tools.

Merchants can organize their eCommerce business cash flow by managing and sharing payment invoices on a single platform. Many reputed brands like Uber, IRCTC, Bajaj Finserv, Indiamart, and Jockey trust Zaakpay for their transactions.

Zaakpay Payment Links for Your Business

Zaakpay also provides the facility of payment links for businesses to collect payments anywhere, eliminating the need to have a website or an app mandatorily. Businesses can self-onboard themselves and send links via the Zaakpay dashboard. They can even accept payments with a single tap.

Merchants can also create bulk payment links with user-friendly APIs from a single point on the dashboard. They can then send these links to customers through SMS, emails, or even messaging apps. Not only can they accept instant payments, but they also stay updated on the payment status in real-time.

Zaakpay payment links help streamline online payments for various B2C, B2B, and D2C businesses across different domains. In addition, they remove the hassles of collecting manual payments or COD options that come with payment rejection risk.

Businesses can also use Zaakpay payment links for recurring billing or making one single payment for bulk orders. They can allow their customers to pay directly on their websites with a QR code or a link.

Zaakpay Payment Solutions for Freelancers

Freelancers or solo business owners can also utilize Zaakpay payment services without complicated setups. They can collect advance fees or payments for projects with a simple click. They also get the opportunity to notify their clients with payment links in customizable email templates.

How does Zaakpay benefit you?

Rapidly moving up the ladder of success, Zaakpay provides you with an efficient integrated payment gateway. Here are some reasons why you need to choose this digital payment gateway for digital payments:

  • Fast business checkouts
  • Fast integration with website and mobile app
  • Matches your brand user interface with a customized checkout page
  • Low drop-offs
  • Encrypted payment details
  • Account management support
  • Express payment and refunds
  • No setup and maintenance fees

Get started with Zaakpay

With multiple benefits at your disposal and ease of setup, Zaakpay can pave the way for the entrepreneurial success of your business. Aiming for ease and convenience of payment transactions for all, it helps you expand your business growth with high transaction success rates. With no setup and maintenance fees charged, it is the one-stop payment solution for all kinds of business. Get started on your digital payment journey today with Zaakpay!

Disclaimer: No Deccan Chronicle journalist was involved in creating this content. The group also takes no responsibility for this content.

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