Simon Etere, a social media celebrity believes in creative positive content

A fitness instructor and fashion model Simone's Instagram feeds are motivating and worth scrolling

The value of social media is gone up immensely over the last few years, especially after the pandemic hit the world and changed lives and lifestyles upside down. It has become the single largest platform for entertainment and education and also emerged as the new major marketplace. Equally changed the concept of celebrities and brand ambassadors, instead of concentrating on a few movie actors and sports personalities, individuals with impressive content and positive influence became the new celebrities. Simone Etere, a fitness trainer, fashion model, and calisthenics expert with extraordinary skills and startling stunts, is one of such globally renowned social media celebrities and influencers.

A multifaceted personality Simone is also a fitness traveler who promotes a few of the best-in-class hotels and resorts. He has traveled to several exotic, adventurous, and unexplored locations of the world and overwhelmed people with his superlative fitness and calisthenics skills. Enthralled by his charming personality and huge fan following, and his super-engaging social media content, few of the renowned brands from this segment have invited him to create content to promote them. Previously he has also partnered with some of the best brands of the world like Gillette, American Tourister, VillaBorghini, Gillette, Puma, Nyswwatch, FreshHood, SoLovelyBox, and Primoxx, etc.

A fitness instructor and fashion model Simone’s Instagram feeds are motivating and worth scrolling as he provides very valuable tips on fitness and diet. His short videos on calisthenics are so professionally persuasive and impressive that no one would want to miss them. His diet and fitness tips have helped thousands of his clients and followers to get a model-like well-toned physique and attractive personality. Simone has a long list of regional and international clientele. He also has an astounding 1.4 million followers on Instagram. He is one of the best content creators in the health and fitness category on this platform. Apart from being a content creator and a few of the top celebrity influencers of the world, he is a fitness trainer par-excellence.

The reason behind his excellence is that he started quite young. At the age of 10, he began with parkour and then shifted to calisthenic. He dedicated his entire efforts and life to excel in this field and results are known to the world. He is one of the finest professionals in the entire world. He wants more and more youth and kids to learn this sport/skill. He says, “ It is difficult as well as adventurous at the same time, but it excels you in many other skills like risk-taking and sharp and quick decision making apart from keeping physically very healthy and active.”

Simone's success is the result of the hard work and dedication he puts in to better his skills every day. He accredits this to the almighty god. He says, “whatever I am and wherever I have reached today is because of the positivity I receive from the ultimate power that runs the universe.” He is devoted to God and I thank him for the help and support he gets from him. For Simone gratitude comes before goals, because without gratitude there is no vision and without vision, the future can never be promising.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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