Congress Mandal Party Prez. Chennaboina Srinivas Questioned For industrial park

It is said that the value of an acre land near Alagadapa village is close to Rs 1 cr and it is not fair for the government to take the land

Miryalaguda Mandal Congress Party President, Alagadapa Sarpanch CHENNABOINA SRINIVAS questioned how it is fair to say that the government will snatch the land worthless with compensation payments.

Locally, while speaking on Sunday, in Alagadapa village near Miryalaguda town, the government has started to set up an industrial park... 421-35 acres of land plots. It was said that Jio has released a special Jio to collect the crown land from 413 farmers of Alagadapa village.

But, the lands in Alagadapa village near Miryalaguda town have high value in the market due to the fourway. In addition to this, the poor are hoping to build houses in the three-four pots of land they have. It is said that the value of an acre land near Alagadapa village is close to crore rupees. It is not fair that the government is ready to set up an industrial park in the valuable lands of the people in this order. Farmers say the chance of losses is serious as the private market value doesn't equal despite the government paying compensation.

Similarly, the skinny and small people who have been living on farming for years are taking away the land of farmers, they said their lives are going to become a forecast. Concerned department officials have demanded to collect referendum in Alagadapa village on the issue of land placing.. according to the views of the villagers. Similarly, Chennaaboyina Srinivas said that the Grama Sabha is going to take a resolution on the landslide objections in the Grama Panchayat today.

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