Saman Ansari channels her inner creativity through makeup

A makeup enthusiast, she is also an educator who runs an academy and introduces aspirants to the world of makeup

Makeup is much more than just creatively putting on some colored products on the face. It is an art that requires precision and skill to master every stroke of the brush. Makeup Artist and Educator Saman Ansari has convened all her knowledge to keep herself updated with the latest trends in the fashion and make-up industry and through her expertise aims to work for the biggest fashion shows of the country as a runway makeup artist.

With an inherent ability to enhance and modify peoples’ looks, Saman decided to get into the lines of the cosmetic world. At the mere age of twenty, she holds a good command over 20, colors, lines, angles of the face, and body texture. She has in-depth knowledge of how stroke can make the human canvas feel more beautiful.

With a will to polish her skills with every passing day, she has been able to achieve a clientele that trusts her and is recognized by leading makeup professionals. Having collaborated with esteemed brands like Sugar Cosmetics, Recode USA, and 250 others, Saman Ansari has manifested herself as an outstanding choice for the masses.

A makeup enthusiast, she is also an educator who runs an academy and introduces aspirants to the world of makeup. Working with a lot of patience and tact, she envisions taking her academy overseas and launching different branches of the same. Even during the lockdown period while students could not get physical access to the class, she directed more than 500 students online, all the earnings from which went for COVID relief.

The younger generation has been looking up to her for her mastery of the makeup palettes. She says, “One needs to keep practicing and be adventurous enough to experiment with new looks. You never know what might work for you and your muse. Enjoy playing with colors and while keeping up with the latest trends try to make something of your own. It will give you a confidence boost.”

Envisioning to work with high-profile fashion artists and celebrities, all the while launching her cosmetic line, Saman Ansari has her heart set on what she aims for. With the kind of dedication she has for her work, there is no doubt that in a few years she would be known to share the stage with the most commendable artists in the industry creating an ensemble of her own.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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