Khushwant Singh's invested brand GuFo set to take the market by storm

Khushwant Singh from Jalandhar, Punjab has developed an eye for identifying potential products and upscaling them with subsequent funding

Are you also tired of the same usual range of cosmetic products in the Indian market which are all packed with the same ingredients and are wrapped differently to display uniqueness? Or have you become indifferent to the various marketing gimmicks around you that speak about having natural ingredients but instead are loaded with chemicals?

Khushwant Singh, a foresighted e-commerce specialist having a dynamic career in the realm of online marketing and the e-commerce space has generated revenue in multiple figures while catering to the needs of the Indian consumers holistically.

The 22-year-old from Jalandhar, Punjab has developed an eye for identifying potential products and upscaling them with subsequent funding.

Khushwant was extremely drawn to the idea of manufacturing such cosmetic products which were used at the historic times and have their mention in the scriptures, are environment and human friendly which will go a long way in boosting the overall well-being of the Indian households and will give them a sense of being royal.

Post which he collaborated with the makers of GuFo with his overarching experience at building e-commerce brands and his foresight to expand the horizon of the products to be a harbinger that boost the confidence of those who believe in the power of the ancient age in improving their inner confidence and beauty.

Apart from being 100% natural, the products of GuFo are specially designed to give fellow Indians a look and feel of the royal age by combining these products with ingredients that were used by kings and queens of the ancient era. The brand is also one of its kind because of the presence of pure gold in its products.

The state of the art processes behind making of GuFo and the boost from Khushwant Singh, an e-commerce revolutionary par excellence who is also in the process of releasing his book on Indian Consumer behaviour will certainly bring a ball game change in the way Indian consumers interact with products of the cosmetic industry, with such thoughtful steps, the brand is set to make inroads to each Indian household.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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