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Hamza Majdi follows proven processes and makes the most of internet business

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Published on: October 1, 2020 | Updated on: October 1, 2020

Always test the business idea before spending money

Hamza Majdi

Hamza Majdi

The digital era has led to globalization of the marketplace. Most online businesses have leveraged these opportunities worldwide. In 2019, Google generated over 160 million dollars in revenue while Amazon ranked first with 280+ billion dollars. 

Internet and smartphones have changed the way business is done. When it comes to online business, people from different walks of life have explored owing a piece of this pie. One such entrepreneur is Hamza Majdi, a passionate and talented young man with an excellent aptitude.

In his early years, he decided to build a successful business and started with acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills. He was a working student who loved to play football, a typical boy next door. Like any other person, his initial years too were not comfortable, but he never allowed them to impede him from moving forward. Every time he stumbled, he re-doubled his enthusiasm and turned around the scenario to his favour.

He was only 18 years old when he attended an event of 20,000 entrepreneurs on his friend’s request. He leveraged the existing platform of a company based on travel, e-learning and fintech and scaled his business. His fixed costs were limited and he kept on soaring high and achieved success without much initial capital and risks.

The proven step-by-step process by Hamza Majdi to start an online business venture are:

Validate the idea
Always test the business ideas before spending more money and time on it. This helps to mitigate unnecessary risks and stresses.

Create a marketing system
Create a robust marketing system. First, get this right and then follow an effective marketing process to be visible and to engage with the right audience.

Test as well as optimize
A strategy may not work for long and Hamza believes in constantly innovating. Look out for areas that provide you the greatest impact and invest more resources on that. Testing and optimization will provide you the best results.

To know more about Hamza Majdi, follow his official Instagram account.

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