Gene Thing: A shield for lifelong personalised healthcare

A personal test that decodes one\'s genetic makeup and gives an insights into likely health risks

The genetic pool holds the key to several ailments even as healthcare systems continue to deal with the burden of genetic disorders among people. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further worsened conditions, exposing people to health risk. Diseases and disorders can be predicted and researched with proper accuracy if testing is done at an appropriate time is a well-known belief in the medical fraternity, with research on genes offering significant insights to health professionals.

Gene-Thing is a revolutionary next-generation preventive healthcare service that is soon going to be launched by Pro Healthywayz International. It’s a personal genetic test that decodes the genetic makeup and generates a report through which one can understand health risks while taking informed decisions about suitable diets and lifestyle, including fitness, as per the individual needs.

Rizwan Younus, CEO of Pro Healthywayz International, says, “With the launch of Gene-Thing, we are advancing our mission to make healthcare accessible, available and affordable. At Pro Healthywayz International, we believe that the culture of prevention and healthy wellbeing should start at an early age.”

Advanced package at minimum cost

Designed for all age-groups, Gene-Thing contains 60+ parameters related to health, nutrition and fitness. The package is available across the country for Rs 19,999, and includes a saliva sample kit, report and counselling by a qualified genetic counsellor. The counselling can benefit the person in making better lifestyle choices by improving their diet. Gene-Thing also analyses the health risks and food and fitness traits based on one’s genetic pool.

How does it work?

Gene-Thing is a saliva-based user-friendly genetic test which can be done from the comfort of home. Reporting and testing involve cutting edge technology and international standards.

Personalised health check-ups can make one aware of nutrition and health requirements. Knowing the genetic predispositions to various diseases assist an individual to delay or prevent the onset of diseases by modifying lifestyle.

What experts say

Rizwan Younus says that the growing number of lifestyle diseases, irrespective of the age groups, made us work to create this unique platform focussed on prevention. “We launched this test in an endeavour to create a healthy future for individuals by expanding the umbrella of prevention,” he notes.

The way forward

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made people aware of the importance of health and well-being. More and more people are moving towards better nutrition and eating habits. Therefore, Gene-thing test kit can prove beneficial in preventing health-related risks and diseases. This one-time investment may become the life shield, giving many health benefits.

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