How GoWarranty is benefiting both employees and consumers amid COVID-19

GoWarranty gives you relief from paperwork and provides every service at your doorstep wherever possible without comprising on quality

These are tough times and the entire world is suffering severe losses economically, physically and technically. India is also facing an upsurge in COVID-19 cases, which have resulted in a lockdown like situation in many parts of the country. It is a known fact that employees are laid off last year amid the nationwide lockdown, and the situation is not looking promising this year too. A big part of today’s society comprises working individuals who are rushing to their daily work schedule even during this pandemic. They bear the risk not only to their personal and mental health but also to risk the spread of the virus. However, this year working from home remains a part of the discussion where productivity and efficiency remain a challenge for brands. Moreover, very few brands, like GoWarranty, have provided this flexibility for its employees bearing the cost of setting up the required infrastructure for the employees at their home.

GoWarranty is a company that provides you with the benefit of an extended warranty as well as an after-sales service solution for a wide range of electronic appliances and gadgets because the warranty and the post-purchase support provided by the manufacturers are for a very short tenure. Mostly the tenure varies from 6-month to 12-months and it is not claimed sometimes. The brand eases the process of extending the service time. It also makes the repairing or replacement process easier as compared to any other manufacturer or retailer.

During these tough times, GoWarranty is benefiting the employees and the consumers in many ways. Keeping the pandemic in mind, this time they have given every employee the flexibility to work from home permanently, irrespective of their department or designation.

Moreover, the company is bearing the cost of setting up all infrastructure for individual employees at their respective homes. As the work of GoWarranty includes many technicalities as well dependencies on the technology, the company is all set to fulfil the needs of the employees to do the work efficiently from a remote location permanently.

Passing on the same benefits to the consumer, GoWarranty is offering good discounts on all its warranty plans all across summer. Irrespective of the plan’s price and selection of the device, you can apply for the extended warranty at the discounted price during summer and enjoy the benefits. Extreme care is taken for the technicians who are visiting service or repair requests.

In this era, visiting or searching for a service centre for the repair in case the appliances or gadgets breakdown is tough and involves great risks. GoWarranty gives you relief from hefty paperwork and provides every service at your doorstep wherever possible without comprising on the quality, and is just a call or email away. The makes the offering very affordable and hassle-free where you do not need to pay any additional charges.

If you do not want to visit the service centre repeatedly then GoWarranty is the best choice for you. Besides, with the initiative taken for the employees and consumers, the brand has brought revolution during the time of the pandemic.

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( Source : Spotlight )
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