Social media influencer Shailendra Kumar is setting a trend for small-town youth

Shailendra Kumar is a young techie and social media influencer from a small town called Ambikapur with more than 820k followers on Instagram

Social Media Influencers are modern-day celebrities. Generally, these are professionals from various backgrounds from metros or 2 tier cities. But Shailendra Kumar Singh, 27, is breaking this trend. He is a young techie and social media influencer from a small town called Ambikapur with more than 820k followers on Instagram.

Shailendra Sing is a well-known graphic designer and YouTuber from Ambikapur. His videos give detailed step-by-step information regarding various issues related to social media. Shailendra’s videos have proved useful to so many people that he has more than 500k YouTube subscribers.

“But success hasn’t come easily,” says Shailendra. “ In small-town awareness regarding technology and social media is relatively less. It is really difficult to get into the domain like social media and make your presence felt.” To start a YouTube channel and make it popular was a challenge for him as he had no guidance on how to grow. He started uploading videos for the sake of sharing and expanding his knowledge. He has more than 5 lac subscribers on YouTube.

An Anthropology graduate Shailendra belongs to a lower-middle-class family from Ambikapur. He has faced difficulties from childhood. But this has made him a responsible and humble human being. From his schooling days he has only one aim; to bring his family out from these difficulties and establish himself well. He followed his passion for Graphic designing and photo editing to achieve this. He says “I would suggest the other youth like me to follow their passion wholeheartedly. Generally, success comes to those who travel the road less traveled. It is easier to follow the already set trend, but to set your own trend you have to work day and night.”

Having such a commendable presence on Social media many brands approach him for promotion and collaboration. He is a well-known face of his town. He is so proficient in his work that people from nearby districts too approach him for all their graphic designing and photo editing needs. He has done editing for many trending YouTube Videos too apart from his own videos.

Shailendra says “ I am in the beginning years of my career. In the coming years, I want to reach that level where my mother can feel proud about me and youths like me from small towns take a cue from me to follow their dreams.”

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( Source : Spotlight )
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