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Fitness guru and top entrepreneur Amer Kamra helps Canadian businesses survive

Published Mar 1, 2021, 6:03 pm IST
Updated Mar 1, 2021, 6:03 pm IST
In 2019 the Mindbuilder podcast was born, today ranking amongst the Top 100 on iTunes
Amer Kamra
 Amer Kamra

Amer Kamra, at the young age of 32, has not only established himself as one of the most recognized fitness experts in Canada, but also as an influential thought leader and successful entrepreneur – owning not one, but four businesses that expand over several countries and even into Europe and Asia.

When asked how he defines himself, after having been one of the youngest fitness pros, the male athlete with the most fitness magazine covers, and after founding his coaching business Hammer Fitness 2008 at the age of 24, which currently counts around 600 clients – Amer Kamra will never tell you he sees himself as a fitness professional. He will instead emphasize that his focus is on personal development, driven by his passion to help people realize their physical and mental potential.


In alignment with this vision, he founded The Mindbuilder in 2016 – a series of seminars that allowed people from all walks of life to adopt the mindset he instills in his athletes in order to improve their personal and professional lives. Since then, The Mindbuilder and its popular social media community has doubled in size year to year. In 2019 the Mindbuilder podcast was born, today ranking amongst the Top 100 on iTunes.

Amer’s professional success is driven by an ongoing commitment to his own learning and growth.

Rather than limiting himself to one industry and niche of expertise, he understands to unite all his business endeavours to a congruent, constantly evolving organization, based on the principles of servant leadership, integrity and excellency, which he applies to all aspects of his life and career.

2018 he established his own gym Hammer HQ. In 2019 he expanded his well-recognized competition coaching company Hammer Fitness with the women’s lifestyle fitness company Lady the F up, now employing 12 female coaches that together train over 350 clients.


As one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in Canada, Amer’s response to COVID-19 was the opposite approach of most businesses during the global economic crisis: instead of cutting down cost and downsizing, Amer went on to hire more coaches and in the midst of the pandemic, founded his fourth company Man the F up in 2019.

Specifically targeted towards male lifestyle clients and starting up during a time when gyms were closed for the most part of the year, Man the F up currently serves 200 clients and employs 7 coaches all across Canada. 

One of Amer Kamra’s pillars of success has always been his resilience to adversity and his unparalleled ability to adapt – a quality he calls the most important guarantor for success in life. He became a fitness professional without the help of a coach, training himself with very limited access to equipment. Growing up in impoverished conditions, he has under the age of 35 grown a global brand and established one of the most profitable and crisis proof companies in the fitness industry, with an annual growth rate of over 100% even during 2020. 

Despite his tremendous success, Amer has never let go of his commitment to society and his promise to help other businesses strive.


He has taught business seminars at UFT and has recently been using is voice and massive social media following to question government lockdown measures and the closure of small businesses during COVID. Known as a fearless thought leader and fierce opponent of social injustice, he has now stepped up to unite small business owners in a fight against the loss of their businesses, started a fundraising initiative and launched a public inquiry, demanding clarity from provincial government leaders.

Meta: Most companies went into survival mode during 2020. Not so young entrepreneur Amer Kamra, who expanded his organization and now fights for struggling businesses to survive.



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