I like to be a creative producer, says Jhanvi Narang

New-age producer Jhanvi Narang has a legacy to carry since she is the granddaughter of renowned filmmaker Narayan Das Narang. She joined hands with Rana Daggubati to produce a romantic comedy and also handling the production work of their upcoming magnum opus “Kubera’ featuring Dhanush. “My graduation in commerce has come in handy,’ says Jhanvi in a chit-chat with Deccan Chronicle

Q: We heard that you are handling the production of the big action flick ‘Kubera’ which is being made with over Rs 100 crores?

A: It is a challenging and responsible task. I can’t reveal the figures but it is one of the costliest films in Telugu cinema being made with Tamil superstar Dhanush and ace director Sekhar Kammula. I am also looking into cash outflow and weighing options before doling out cash on the sets. I am very keen about cutting wastage but would like to spend money on things that would reflect on the big screen. In fact, it is a bit difficult to handle pressing requirements demanded by the crew during shooting, but I have to be judicious enough without being stingy. I also believe that production is not just about doling out cash but to understand the creative aspect behind each rupee spent, so I would like to be a creative producer in the days to come and strike a balance between commerce and creativity.

Q: How was it working with Tamil superstar Dhanush?

A: Honestly, I have learnt to be humble like him. He has achieved numerous feats in his illustrious career and also a national award winning actor with an enviable body of work, yet he is simple and a nice human being. Working and interacting with him has been an amazing experience. Similarly, Sekhar Kammula is a master craftsman but is quite down-to-earth and friendly too. Hence, I had a great time working with them and others.

Q: You have teamed up with actor-producer Rana Daggubati to dish out a new age romantic comedy?

A: It was great to work with Rana Daggubati. He is a creative eye and has been a guiding force for me. He has a lot of patience to wait for a screenplay to evolve on its own. Although I have learnt to judge novelty in a script, I learnt from Rana that we have to develop patience and spend a lot of time drafting a gripping screenplay until we are satisfied rather than rushing up things. He is very knowledgeable about world cinema and understands the pulse of the new-age audience. I have learnt a few things from him and I would like to adapt them.

Q: You and Rana belong to the third generation of illustrious families?

A: It is quite true. While my grandfather Narayan Das Narang was a producer, exhibitor and many more, while my dad Sunil Narang is also a top exhibitor and distributor and into production too. I have started my production plans and like to dish out more thematic films. Similarly, Rana also is a third generation filmmaker from illustrious Daggubati Family with his grandfather Rama Naidu producing record number of movies, while his father Suresh Babu is a renowned producer too. My joining hands with Rana marks the wonderful bonhomie between our families. So I have a great legacy to live up too and I’ll definitely give it a shot.

Q: What were your academic qualifications before you plunged into production and any plans to run theatres too?

A: I completed my graduation in commerce in India and Masters in Marketing from the UK before plunging into production. I gained some experience by working with a few others before taking over production work of “Kubera’. My studies have come in handy in terms of financial management and my marketing knowledge will come into play very soon. After watching world cinema on OTT, I have realized the importance of ‘novel content’ and I would stick to it. However, I have no plans to run theatres since it’s my father’s domain. I am happy to be a producer who makes movies for new-generation Telugu audiences.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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