Fernandez Foundation Celebrates International Women’s Day with ‘Inspire Inclusion’ Campaign

Hyderabad: Fernandez Foundation celebrates International Women's Day with a heart-warming video series titled "Inspire Inclusion." This engaging series showcased the power of inclusivity through 6 thought-provoking episodes. In line with this year’s theme of International Women’s Day, the video series showcased different aspects of inclusion such as empowerment, acceptance, inclusion, connection, and involvement.

Each episode explored different scenarios, from everyday moments like cafeteria conversations to the special journey of preparing for parenthood. Whether it was in workplace meetings, childbirth classes, or online communities for new mothers, the message remained constant: every voice matters. The series highlights the importance of listening, respecting, and supporting every individual. Through these diverse situations, the campaign emphasizes the importance of creating welcoming environments where everyone feels valued and respected.

Speaking about the Women’s Day Campaign, Dr Evita Fernandez said, “We are delighted to be celebrating International Women’s Day at all our facilities. The innovative campaign, ‘Inspiring Inclusion’ resonates deeply with the values of Fernandez Foundation, which is committed to promoting equality, empowerment, and inclusivity in all aspects of society. By sharing stories of compassion, understanding, and acceptance, the campaign aims to inspire others to create more inclusive environments in their communities.”

The final episode features a special Women’s Day message from Dr Evita Fernandez, Chairperson and Managing Director, Fernandez Foundation, alongside stories from parents sharing positive experiences from different facilities of Fernandez. This segment was a powerful reminder of Fernandez Foundation's impact on countless families, emphasising the importance of inclusive and compassionate healthcare practices.

“At Fernandez, we believe women need to be celebrated every day. We stand committed to the theme of this year: 'Inspire Inclusion’ and reaffirm our commitment to creating a world where every woman is empowered, included, and valued. Let’s continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and build a more inclusive society where every woman's voice is heard and respected” added Dr. Evita Fernandez.

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