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Virus puts northern Italy under lockdown

A woman wearing a face mask stands in a subway train in Milan, Italy. The focal point of the coronavirus emergency in Europe, Italy, is also the regions weakest economy and is taking an almighty hit as foreigners stop visiting its cultural treasures or buying its prized artisanal products, from fashion to food to design. AP Photo

A shop assistant waits for customers at the Murano island in Venice, Italy. AP Photo

Tourists sit at a cafes terrace on Via Orefici in central Milan on March 8, 2020, after millions of people were placed under forced quarantine in northern Italy as the government approved drastic measures in an attempt to halt the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, caused by the novel coronavirus that is sweeping the globe. - On top of the forced quarantine of 15 million people in vast areas of northern Italy until April 3, the government has also closed schools, nightclubs and casinos throughout the country, according to the text of the decree published on the government website. With more than 230 fatalities, Italy has recorded the most deaths from the COVID-19 virus. AFP Photo

A picture taken on March 8, 2020 shows an empty road leading to Linate Airport in Milan, after millions of people were placed under forced quarantine in northern Italy. AFP Photo

Cutomers queue to pay their food and essential products in a supermarket of Milan centre. AFP Photo

A woman wearing a sanitary mask walks past the Duomo gothic cathedral in Milan, Italy. AP Photo

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