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We look at the latest American Top 40 and give you our picks

Looking back, it can be easily said that the year 2013 was dominated by EDM, hip-hop and alternative music. The American Top 40 indicated the best hits of 2013 right at the beginning of this year.

Hip-hop took a different turn with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Their song, Thrift Shop, peaked at number one on the Billboard top 200 in 2013 and sold seven million copies worldwide. The song, which is in the alternative hip-hop style, is about Macklemore’s idea of rejecting designer labels and buying cheap clothing from thrift shops. It is the fourth best song of 2013.

What would happen if we mix the power vocals of Nate Ruess and Pink? The result will definitely be Just Give Me a Reason. This collaboration, between two of the most powerful vocalists in modern day music, is beautifully structured with simple piano melodies and holds the eighth position in the chart.

Have you ever thought of combining techno with funk? Even if you didn’t, all you need to do is listen to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. This song by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, which reached the top 10 in music chart in over 32 countries, is the 12th best song of 2013.

It was a good year for Maroon 5 as three of their smash hits of 2013 made to the chart. Love Somebody, featuring at number 24 in the chart, proves the fact that they are as popular now, as they were 11 years back.

Avicii is known to blend acoustic instruments with electronic progressions and Wake Me Up is a perfect example of his expertise. Starting with a fast acoustic guitar rhythm, the song quickly moves on to the world of progressive house. The song holds the 27th position.

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