‘Selfie olympics’ taking social media by storm

After 'Planking' and 'Owling', its 'Selfie Olympics' that's taking media by the storm.

There’s a new game this year called the ‘Selfie Olympics’ and after three days, it's already become an internet sensation among teenagers and those who are young and careless at heart.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users are asked to join in the game of making the most dangerous and outlandish selfie ever and to then post it on social media.

Business Insider reports that a Facebook page created on Satur-day already has 30,000 likes.

There are over 28,000 pictures on Inst-ragram already, and the selfie game is trending on twitter. Previous photo trends have included “Planking” in 2011 and “Vadering” in 2013, reported a website . The ‘Selfie Olympics’ seem to be the most dangerous social media trend yet.

( Source : mail online )
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