Government may lack vision, but intention is pure: Kejriwal

Admitting party's 'shortcomings', Delhi CM in his speech to L-G said AAP's intention is pure.

New Delhi: The seven-day session of Delhi Assembly ended with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's assurance to the House that his government will take into account all the issues raised by the opposition, and his government "may lack vision and have shortcomings", but its intention is pure.

Replying to the vote of thank motion on the Lieutenant Governor's address on Monday, Kejriwal in his six-minute speech in the House, said, "You (BJP and Congress MLAs) have done a good job. We are new (to the House). Considering us as one of you, please keep scolding us on our mistakes. Don't let us sleep and keep us on our toes. "We may have shortcomings and may lack vision, but our intention is pure," he added.

Calling for better coordination between members of the opposition and government, he said that "28 MLAs" cannot handle the situation, but to solve the problems entire Delhi has to come together.

"That will happen later, but at least all 70 members should have coordination," he said.

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He added that Swaraj (self-rule) cannot be brought without dialogue. "This is not about BJP, Congress or AAP. We have to work together for our future and our children's future," Kerjiwal said.

The Chief Minister noted that the discussion in the house saw positive criticism and many burning issues came to light. He added that while criticising and advising him, some MLAs used soft language, some used harsh, while some of them used very harsh language.

"Many issued which were raised by the House members were not part of the Lt Governor's speech, but they are equally important. I want to assure the house that I will take into account all the points," Kejriwal also apologised for one of AAP MLAs not shaking hand with a BJP MLA saying to forgive them as they are new to the house.

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The last day of the session started with BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi objecting to the Speaker's decision to start the session with discussion on the Lt Governor's address. Mukhi said under the Rule 280 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business he had submitted "Attention Motion" on the issue of a body of a newborn, which was found in garbage at a private hospital.

Mukhi said, on Tuesday when the Leader of the Opposition (Harsh Vardhan) tried to raise an issue, he was not allowed to speak and the House was adjourned".

"It's the privileges of the MLAs to seek attention on the issues and under the Rule, the Speaker should include that into the agenda of the day and allow the member to have discussion on it before going ahead with any other business, especially on a day when question hour is not a part of the agenda."

This led to a heated argument and BJP MLAs led by Harsh Vardhan staged a walk-out and returned in five minutes. Mukhi said, "The Lt Governors's speech is an important document on government's policies. I am saddened because it replicates AAP manifesto." Later, when Congress MLA Asif Mohammad Khan said that first case of terrorism occurred with Gandhiji's assassination and we do not need to tell the ideology of the party which killed him, to which many BJP members protested against him and entered the Well of the House.

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Meanwhile, Congress MLA Asif Mohammad Khan criticised Chief Minister Arvind Kerjriwal for "misleading" people on its stand over VIP culture.

Targeting Minister for Women and Children Welfare Rakhi Birla over the issue in which a complaint was lodged after the windscreen of her car was hit by a cricket ball, Khan said, "While the children were playing on the terrace, the car was hit by cricket ball. Had the police lodged a complaint if Birla was not a minister or a VIP? The boy, who hit the ball, is too scared to even go to school after the incident."

Khan who represents Okhla Assembly constituency said the Lt Governor's speech did not have anything on infrastructure or inflation. "There is nothing on monorail, elevated road, ring road or monorail.

The speech does not have any mention on inflation," he said. Another Congress MLA Devendra Yadav said that there was a difference between the vision document and reality. The government talks about 700 liters of free water. However, in this scheme, the JJ (jhuggi jhopdi) cluster, illegal colonies will be left out," Yadav said.

( Source : PTI )
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