I am a lone traveller: Anuj Sachdeva

Most places in Austria have a lot of meat in their cuisine.

Anuj Sachdeva is an actor and a model

Vacations, for me, are about adding an extra day or two to explore the country I am shooting in. After wrapping up the shoot, I travel around the place. But, I mostly explore on my own. It feels like you are travelling on your own but you’re not — because you are also working. It is different and exciting. I discovered new cultures and fabulous places this way. I recently travelled to Krakow in Poland. It was really beautiful.

Recently, I also visited Grossglockner in the mountains of Austria. I went there at the right time, as it was very beautiful, covered with snow. I visited the chapel of Heiligenblut, which was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. This chapel contains a relic of the Blood of Christ. I also walked around the cemetery behind the church and noticed that each grave had a different carving relating to the person who had died, like the jobs that they had. The weather was fabulous and I stayed in a charming guest house run by a German couple. They gave me the attic. I was really scared because in most horror movies, spooky events start in the attic. I couldn’t sleep for quite a while.

I really enjoy meeting new people and learn about different cultures. I also learn a lot in the process. In fact, when I was travelling to Ljubljana, I googled and figured out how to pronounce it correctly.

I also love exploring local cuisines. Most places in Austria have a lot of meat in their cuisine. I am not a very keen non-vegetarian, but in countries like these, I make it a point to try out such delicacies. I tried out the goulash, a beef stew served with thick slices of bread, which is very popular in Austria. I also realised a strange thing: Most places in Austria have stuffed animals on the walls. It is a bit disconcerting to see a deer’s head just above you and wonder if some of that meat has gone into the stew. That was awkward.

At the end of the day, I would say that to know yourself, travel alone. You have to speak to other people. It is only our mindset that deters us from interacting with strangers. Interestingly, I found that most people were very open to speaking to tourists and very helpful too.

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