CEO loses laptop, vital data

He is credited as the world’s youngest CEO after he incorporated his company.

Bangalore: He is credited as the world’s youngest CEO after he incorporated his company, Global ITES Private Limited at the age of 14 in San Jose, California. How­ever, this young internet entrepreneur, Suhas Gopinath (27), is not happy after his Apple MacBook Pro laptop containing vital information and worth over Rs 1 lakh was stolen from his SUV by three boys.

The trio reportedly diverted the attention of Gopinath’s driver, who was in the SUV that was parked in the officer’s parking area in the BMTC head office, opposite the Rail India Tech­nical and Economic Serv­ice (RITES). A team of officers from the Central division have launched a manhunt for the suspects.

The theft occurred despite the presence of Gopinath’s driver Vijay Kumar on the afternoon of December 13. The young entrepreneur had come to the BMTC head office to attend a meeting with the Director-IT of BMTC at Shantinagar. While the meeting was taking place, the driver, Vijay Kumar, was sitting inside Gopinath’s car — a white XUV 500, bearing the registration number KA-04-MK-6627, said an officer.

It is said that three boys were seen taking photographs of the BMTC building. Then they repor­tedly walked up to the vehicle and diverted the driver’s attention saying that something had fallen down. The driver failed to see the boys’ ruse and stepped out to check, the officer said.

Quick as a flash, the boys opened the car’s rear passenger door on the left side and pinched the laptop bag that was kept on the seat. In addition to the laptop, the bag also contained a data card, laptop charger and some important documents.

Reali­sing what had happened, the driver chased the three boys who crossed the road and went toward the Shantinagar bus stand where the buses bound for Andhra Pradesh were parked. The suspects then reportedly disappeared in the crowd.

When Gopinath stepped out after the meeting, his driver informed him about the theft. The CEO then immediately aler­ted the BMTC officers and their security, the officer said.

“The place where the car was parked has security arrangements. We have gone through footage from CCTV cameras installed in the buildings surrounding the scene of crime. It appears that the three culprits were part of a professional gang who had observed the movements of the driver.

Among the three, one boy had come to the door on the right side of the car where the driver was sitting. When the driver stepped out, the other two who were to the left side opened the rear door and took away the laptop bag,” the officer added.

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