Religion divides, say atheists

Rationalists say science, humanity can root out all evils from society.

Vijayawada: Stating that it was a movement for social and economic equality and restoration of human dignity and freedom, Atheist Centre chairperson Mythri welcomed the gathering to the international conference to mark the 75th formation day of the Centre in Vijayawada on Sunday.

Earlier, inaugurating the conference, former Vice-Chancellor of the National Knowledge Commission, P.M. Bhargava underlined the need for promotion of science and technology to eradicate superstitions and other evils deeply-rooted in the society. “Science moves towards progress and development of the society. Scientists will never say that they knew everything but they try to understand the subjects through experiments and research,” he said.

He, along with other prominent humanists and scientists, spoke on the importance of promotion of science and technology, and also humanism and rationalism. Dr Bhargava felt that “No other factor divides people than a religion” and tried to explain the difference between priests and scientists.

“A priest will never say that he does not know while the scientists admits that he does not know,” he said, expressing concern over the increasing significance of religion in India and underlined the need to promote humanism, tolerance and rationalism in society.

The Atheists Centre was established in Mudnuru village of Krishna district in 1940 by Gora and Saraswati Gora. G. Vijayam of the Centre said that Atheism was continuously growing in many parts of the world. Dr Hammed, Science Trust, Kerala, said the humanism was the need of the hour in the Indian society.

Humanists from Norway, Germany, France, and other European countries and across India participated in the conference. Former MP Chennupati Vidya, David Gozlan, general-secretary of the National Federation of Free Thought, France, Abdul Jabbar, Science Trust, Kozikode, Rajgopal, Gandhian activist, Ektha Parishat, New Delhi attended.

( Source : dc )
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