Sonu Sood gets co-stars in shape

Sonu Sood is helping SRK and Deepika to look fitter than ever

Sonu Sood has an enviable body, but now he’s also helping his Happy New Year co-stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, look fitter than ever. We hear that he has already put the duo on a diet of oatmeal and dates, and although SRK and Dippy have both been vacationing around the New Year (the real-life one we mean), Sonu’s been keeping a strict check on what they eat.

Sonu says, “Both of them are already conscious about being fit but yes, the Happy New Year team is now on a diet of salads, oatmeal and dates — it’s just that little push that is needed. Shah Rukh is on his way to looking even fitter than before. He has been eating healthy and working out a lot of late. You will soon see the results with Shah Rukh looking super fit in the coming days.”

( Source : dc )
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