Old services new foe of Mee Seva

The Mee Seva service set up by the state government has met with stiff resistance.

Hyderabad: The Mee Seva service set up by the state government has met with stiff resistance from the departments whose services it has taken over.

Departments such as registrations, police, GHMC, revenue and municipal administration were not providing the public with the required information, or were withholding information. Hence, Mee Seva centres were introduced to provide quicker service.

However, three years after inception of e-seva and a year after Mee Seva was introduced, six services have reverted to their respective departments. Recently, services handled by the police department, such as issuing antecedent certificates and character certificates, were taken back by the department.

Citizens, as usual have borne the brunt of this tussle between government departments and the Mee Seva as they end up doing the rounds of both. Often they are forced to pay additional amount to get the work done at the department offices.

“Certain departments are trying hard to retain the services, giving different reasons. Among the top resistors are the Registration department, municipal administration, police and the GHMC,” said a senior official from the Electronic Delivery Services.

Some departments have been accused of giving wrong information. Where information is available online, as in the case of birth and death certificates, the department is deliberately making mistakes to ensure that citizens run back to their department.

The registration department, which according to EDS is biggest problemmaker, alleges Mee Seva of being inexperienced and hence delaying the services.

( Source : dc )
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