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Netizens counter PM's remark on Modi as 'disastrous' if he becomes premier, saying this applies to him.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's rare press conference on Friday was trending on social media with some netizens countering his assessment that Narendra Modi will be "disastrous" for the country if he becomes premier, saying this applies to him.

A significant event or quotes which are tagged or being followed by a large number of 'twitteratis' are said to be trending on Twitter.
"Thank You PM Manmohan Singh for declaring your retirement officially... You have been "DISASTER" for the Country and Indians," said nanditathhakur, an user.
Another user wrote "what you have done solo far after 10 years was it better than disaster.."
Twitter user India_policy said "And today PM Manmohan Singh proved Arun Shourie right one again that MMS (Manmohan Singh) is the best poll campaigner for narendramodi".
"It will be disastrous for the country to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister...
"I do not believe I am a weak Prime Minister. It is for historians to judge. The BJP and its associates may say whatever they like. If by strong Prime Minister you mean you preside over mass massacre of innocent citizens on the streets of Ahmedabad, if that is the measure of strength, I do not believe that that this country needs that kind of strength," he has said addressing a press conference.
Singh's attack on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate triggered a lot of reactions on Facebook and Twitter.
BJP's spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman also used the social media to target the Prime Minister.
"PM in his Press Con calls a thrice elected CM as 'mass murderer' while he absolves himself of corruption in UPA-I based on his reelection!," she asked?.
"Utterly disappointed -the PM in his Press Conf,alleges CM Gujarat...
"Dear PM, wonder what you feel about Kokrajhar, Assam which you represent in Rajya Sabha?," the BJP leader wrote on the website.
Some of the users also quickly grasped a gaffe on referring to Prime Ministership for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi by the Prime Minister during the conference.
"Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be nominated as Presidential (instead of Prime Minister) candidate," the PM has said.
Facebook user Abhinandan said: The PM suggest that there is nothing like 'Buck' and it definitely doesn't stop at his table. He is doing good.
Pages on Congress party and Prime Minister on Facebook were also getting 'Likes' by users for Singh's statements today.
( Source : PTI )
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