An aura of calm

Alternative healing methods are turning out to be a strong ancillary support system for conventional medical treatment

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic prompted people to turn to alternative systems of healing, and suddenly, the aura has become a focus of attention. Priyanka Aditya Baid, a professional healer, talks about auras, aura cleansing, and why it matters.

Priyanka Aditya Baid.

"Our auras are nothing but projections of our inner self outside our physical bodies. Depending on our physical, emotional and mental state of being, our auras can range from being pitch black to pure white and gold. We often see saints and ascended masters depicted with a bright white halo around them - it is nothing but an indication of their pure state of being," says Priyanka.

Talking about how aura cleansing works, she shares, "It is a process by which we cleanse and strengthen the auric field of an individual which may have suffered depletion or contamination due to various factors. The most important reason for aura depletion or contamination is negative energy. Staying in the company of toxic people, living in an abusive or unfavourable environment, an unhealthy lifestyle, all result in severe depletion of one’s energy and aura and their fragmentation.”

How can we keep our auras clean and intact? “For that, we must consciously build a lifestyle cantered around mindful existence,” says Priyanka. “A happy and positive inner core results in a bright and beautiful aura that raises our vibrations and secures our connection with the Universe."

Every individual is dealing with their own set of problems; and depletion can occur for varied reasons. Therefore, customising therapies catering to each individual’s needs has shown remarkable results. "However, those who just want aura cleansing and maintenance for overall well-being, can opt for a general cleanse as well," she shares.

At her institution, The Magical Orb, Priyanka offers a host of services. She is also a pranic healer, lama fera master, and Angel communication expert, and practices numerology and specialises in French card readings.

Priyanka says alternative healing practices have shown phenomenal success rates, especially in dealing with mental and emotional trauma. However, "having said that, these should not be used as a replacement for regular medical treatment,” she cautions.

Dr. Surakshit.

A lot of medical practitioners see these alternative healing methods as helpful and are not against patients undertaking such treatment. "I am in support of alternative medicine and practices. Many things in medicine are still at the research stage and most allopathic medicines today are derived from alternative medicine. Especially in patients with chronic illnesses, alternative therapies go a long way in helping to reduce the burden of the disease," says Dr. Surakshit, fertility expert and cosmetic gynaecologist.

Dr. Sanjay Cherian.

"I have not gone for these alternative practices, but if they help people to elevate their mental strength and detox with no side effects, I can quite understand why such therapeutic and healing practices are booming," says Dr. Sanjay Cherian, a cardiac surgeon.

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