Turf wars heat up in TRS

Hearing about the incident two ministers intervened, but failed to settle it

A TRS MLA created quite the stir recently when he would not stop complaining about a former mayor painting his constituency pink with flexis and banners without his knowledge. Hearing about the incident two ministers intervened, but failed to settle it. The end to the tirade came when the more powerful of the two declared, “CM is not the emperor of the TRS and the MLAs are not his feudal lords,” essentially saying the state does not belong to just one person. In another case, a TRS MLA from a posh constituency in the city is desperately trying to make amends with a party minority leader, after having used abusive language on the phone. After the man realised the call was being recorded he changed his tone. This vitriolic exchange happened when the man was questioned about why and how “certain elements” got entry into the party gala, but he was left out. The MLA in question is now worried that if the news of his choice of language reaches the party high command, he would be in trouble for slighting a party corporator from a minority community. These two incidents are just the tip of the iceberg at the TRS, which is becoming a hub of unhappiness according to insiders.


Most government officials normally escape to cooler climes when the summer heats up in the state. This time around, however, the government has tasked them with finding ways to increase revenues thanks to the coffers being almost empty. Two officials have been asked to stay put and continue to sweat it out while searching for a way out of the financial pressures the Telangana state government is going through. Busy with brainstorming sessions to find ways and means to pump up revenues, these two top officials have been holding several meetings, leaving other bureaucrats out. For now, they have found an easy way out, despite the Centre’s refusal to allow the state to raise loans through auction of bonds, by sharply increasing liquor prices, life tax on vehicles, etc. The other option was to knock on the doors of banks and financial institutions. Imagine that!


How does an ageing politician get his message across that he has it in him to go ahead and take on a young Chief Minister of the day? Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu may have provided an answer of sorts to that question.

YSRC leaders and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s followers have begun suggesting that Naidu, who is 72, should retire from politics. But Naidu, after having led many political battles, and a few comebacks, had a reply ready for these folks. At one of his ‘Baadude Baadudu’ meetings in Kadapa, Jagan’s home turf, Naidu told the crowd not to believe the YSRC on his age. “Tammullu,” he hollered, “in my 43 years of political life, I have never witnessed a roaring response to public meetings like now. My big concern is for the youth of their future. I am 72 years old but I can work like a 27-year-old person. I am more active than all of you... tammullu.” It remains to be seen if Naidu’s formula of flipping digits to turn the clock back will work for him.


Timing is the key when it comes to comedy or satire. Unsurprisingly, a lesson well understood by seasoned actor and comedian Ali. It is no secret that Ali has been waiting for some time to hear from AP Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy about his “responsibility and role” in state politics. Despite many in the YSRC attempting to needle him, Ali has ignored all slights, including being sidelined for the Rajya Sabha elections. Ali, who joined the YSRC three years ago, had tongues wagging after he was spotted at the CM’s camp office a couple of times with Tollywood biggies to bring a thaw to the stand-off on movie ticket rates. Word at that time was that Ali might get a plum political position, either an MLC or even a straight hop to the Rajya Sabha. But, after Jagan’s recent picks for Rajya Sabha, a section of politicians has started mocking Ali, who, a master of timing, said he was cool with everything. He said Jagan had never made any promises to him after joining the party and neither did he seek any position. Good things come to those who wait and Ali may have the last laugh, after all.

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