Ahead of Christmas, markets in Hyderabad bustle

Consumers return to in-store shopping this holiday season

Hyderabad: After nearly three years of Covid-19-induced lockdown, an increase in sales ahead of Christmas has put a smile back on the faces of city traders and businessmen selling a variety of decoration items.

While sales were sluggish for the last three years due to the pandemic, traders and business owners say they are on the mend this year. Wholesalers and retailers in Secunderabad's Old Osmangunj and General Bazaar are optimistic that sales will increase during the festive season.

"We're doing better than we were last year. We are optimistic,” said a trader in Old Osmangunj. These two areas are known for selling various decoration materials such as Xmas trees, crib sets, Santa Claus, mascots, reindeers, mistletoes, and snowflakes, among others, to deck up homes during the Christmas season.

"After the Coronavirus impact on our business, we are slowly witnessing a better sale than the previous years," said Narendar Singh of Bhagwan Card Centre in Old Osmangunj. “Every year, we surprise shoppers with new items. This year, we have new arrivals such as the cheery pine, snow pine, and various other interesting items for sale,” he added.

While retailers and store owners appeared to be slowly bouncing back in business, consumers appear to be returning to in-store shopping this holiday season now that the Covid-19 has receded.

“It’s the first time in a few years that we've actually gone shopping for Christmas, so it's pretty awesome. There is a wide range of items available. Shops in Secunderabad's SD Road sell some elegant and eye-catching items. Stores are decked out in Christmas decorations. I believe the Christmas spirit is amplified here with all the hustle and bustle. The General Bazaar too has a greater number of shops. We want to surprise our children as well as the carol groups this Christmas,” said Nicholas Mark, who works for an MNC.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for Anthony Daniel, who works for an MNC, because he gets to tastefully decorate his home and attend family gatherings. This time of the year, he visits Begum Bazaar for Christmas shopping because the area has so much to offer.

"Begum Bazaar is the best place because we can get from raw materials to finished goods. I usually buy items for the church, but most of my friends buy items for their homes from here. The shops in Begum Bazaar are significantly less expensive than those in other parts of the city. Here, you can buy decoration items ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 20,000," he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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