Artist Ganesh Pynes heart-touching 'Twilight World' on display


14 January 2023

Hyderabad: The drawings from the books of late Bengali artist Ganesh Pyne titled ‘Ganesh Pyne — Twilight World’ put on display at the Kalakriti Art Gallery present a glimpse of the mind of the late artist and speak of an intense rawness of the human emotions, mostly melancholic and yet heart-touching.

The works will be on display till January 16.

The drawings in pen, ink, and crayons, mostly on the graph paper, bring out a paradox of symmetry and a free-flowing figure in the graph paper lines, an amalgamation of creative flow in a calculated space. What adds a more personal touch to the sketches is the scribbling and scratching on many occasions, shunning the very pretension to be perfect or presentable and rather gives a feel of an intimate conversation with the artist in a drawing room on a long, quiet evening.

A closer look at any of the sketches feels as if the moment of the making of the drawing has been caught on the paper in the ink and time appears to have stopped.

The sketches, combined with quotes from various people such as Vikram Seth, Nida Fazli, Betty Smith, among others and some of his own give an intense philosophical touch in the dual way of words and pictures, which at the same time feel like a note to the artist himself, but also makes the audience pause and think.

One such sketch of a woman sitting in a pondering posture lays out varied emotions, depending on what one is trying to look at. Another of a beggar with intense looks on his face speaks about the evil that exists within and one’s attachment to it. A sketch of a lonely house and man in different moods pictures a correlation of stillness and loneliness, objectified by the house.

The characters, mostly from folklore, make the drawings relevant and relatable to any individual; they bring out a poetic depiction to the reality of human beings' dark emotions with their rich imagery.

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