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I, A Woman, Can Achieve Anything

Deccan Chronicle.| Swati Sharma

Published on: March 8, 2022 | Updated on: March 9, 2022

They know their capabilities and are driving change in the world fearlessly

Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, Cosmic Nutracos Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (By Arrangement)

Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, Cosmic Nutracos Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (By Arrangement)

From working for gender equity and a seat at the table to bridging the pay gap and having a voice, women from all walks of life are being vocal about their rights. They are leaving their mark on diverse fields, writes Swati Sharma

Self-motivated and self-sufficient

From being an employee to becoming an employer, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I remember times when women were associated with only a limited set of skills and were judged differently from their male counterparts at the workplace. Fortunately, today, things have changed, and indeed many women have become the sole drivers of their businesses. I have worked in industries largely dominated by men, and I am proud to say that I have managed to launch two successful and highly regarded brands, Gaia and Skinella, and without any external funding, made my company, Cosmic Nutracos a Rs 500 crore business.

They know their capabilities and are driving change in the world fearlessly. Although there’s still some way to go before there is universal acceptance of
women at work, especially in certain fields, gender biases are being broken and women are excelling in their chosen fields. Women are proving that they can be entrepreneurs, political leaders, engineers, astronauts, doctors, pilots, architects or indeed any professional, as good as a man, if not better!

Women are continually changing accepted paths

 LAVLEEN KAUR, Co-Founder and Head Dietitian of Diet Insight. (By Arrangement)

Women have done it all, from leading organisations to leading nations, from standing up for human rights to opposing misogynism. Whether it’s caring for their families or the entire country, it’s inspiring to see women all around the world realise their potential and achieve their dreams. Women are increasingly taking over presidential, managerial, and other traditionally male-dominated roles and rewriting societal norms. In fact, I recently read an article by Forbes that mentioned how it is scientifically proven that women have distinct personality traits that make them better leaders than men in today’s world. However, we have grown up seeing men in all these leadership positions because it is hard to accept that women can do an equally good job as their male counterparts. Seeing women defy conventional standards and stand up for themselves is
very encouraging. Women are continually changing the accepted paths. We have
come a long way as a society, but the journey does not end here.

Lack of confidence in women is disheartening

Rishu Gandhi, Co-founder of Mother Spars. (By Arrangement)

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I had to face many battles. The lack of confidence people have in women entrepreneurs is disheartening. Similarly, in the matter of motherhood, I was constantly that a woman cannot have it all. Women must make sacrifices and choose either a career or
raising a family. But I have never been one to listen to limiting beliefs. I have a beautiful 2-month-old daughter and a successful business I help run. I truly do have it all — but of course this is only possible with the support of my loving family. Seeing and working alongside so many talented young women in our
organization makes me very hopeful for the future of women.

Biggest force in the growth of the Indian economy

Neha Puri, CEO & Founder, VAVO Digital (By Arrangement)

Thanks to the positive shift in the mindset of the younger generation of women and their parents, women are leveraging the Internet and using digital media to reach millions of potential customers to sell their products or make use of their skill sets as freelance graphic designers, content writers and other professionals.
In the Navy, Army and Air Force too, women today are the leaders who provide exemplary motivation to young minds. Women like Avani Chaturvedi have inspired others to fly high not just as pilots but to dream big in their respective fields.

The ceiling has barely been cracked there’s a lot more to be done

Ainara Kaur, Co-founder, Belora Cosmetics. (By Arrangement)

It’s a healthy sign that we are giving such emphasis on women breaking the glass ceiling. To my mind, the ceiling has barely been cracked and we have to
do a lot more. From our perspective, we are building a brand for women, by women who deeply understand their needs. We are a women’s team with women founders and 80% women employees. To me that in itself is a first step on which
we build a better and equal world.

Defining their own limits

Clelia Cecilia Angelon, CEO & Founder of Surya Brasil. (By Arrangement)

Women around the globe are breaking boundaries and excelling in fields that were once considered male bastions. That’s because women are now embracing the power within and are keener to express themselves freely at different levels. Turning their dreams into reality has become the order of the day for women of this century. Everyone can define their own limits as long as they don’t damage themselves or anyone else in the Universe. To know that my biggest wealth is my health that I have been investing in since my younger days feels very rewarding.

Women artisans making it big in gemstone industry

Anu Khanna, Director, Khanna Gems

Women celebrities and beauty pageant winners are a perfect example of how women from humble backgrounds are reaching world platforms to represent our country. It shows how today families and society are extremely supportive of a woman’s dreams and push them to grow big. Women entrepreneurs in the gems and jewellery sector are growing big and women artisans are also rising.

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