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First Indian to marry herself

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Published on: June 3, 2022 | Updated on: June 3, 2022

Kshama Bindu will get married in a traditional Gujarati style on June 11

Kshama. (By Arrangement)

Kshama. (By Arrangement)

Sologamy —  which is a growing trend in the West — now seems to have arrived in India. In a first-of-its-kind case, Vadodara-based Kshama plans to marry herself in front of her parents and friends on June 11. After the saat pheras, she will go on a solo "honeymoon" to Goa.

Kshama’s unconventional marriage announcement on Thursday drew a lot of attention from the media, possibly because she is the first woman in India to have such a ceremony. She believes that a fairy tale can exist without a prince and will set an example of self-love in India as Pride month begins in June.

"Perhaps I am the first in our country to offer an example of self-love," she was quoted as saying. "Self-marriage is a vow to always be there for yourself and to love yourself unconditionally. It’s also a self-acceptance act. People marry the person they adore. I adore myself, which is why I’m getting married," Kshama remarked.

Kshama is just the most recent in a growing number of women, who have decided to demonstrate their eternal love for themselves by putting a ring on it —sometimes literally.

Last year, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima tied the knot with herself in a symbolic ceremony in Monaco.

The final touches are being added to Kshama’s  wedding preparations. Despite the fact that it took Kshama hours  to persuade her parents, they eventually agreed to her demands.

What is Sologamy?

Sologamy is a dedication to yourself rather than to celibacy or singledom and are able to realise their own values. Clinical psychologist Gill Edwards wrote in her book Wild Love that we don’t love ourselves enough "is the source of our choosing to live a life of bread and cheese rather than attending the banquet. So why not organise a party to honour yourself and your accomplishments?

Marrying oneself is a bold declaration that you are enough, as well as a celebration of your completeness. You may be open to sharing your life with someone else, but you don’t "require" someone to be your better half. Building a strong sense of self-worth minimises the proclivity to accept suffocating situations or relationships and aids in the maintenance of relationship standards."

Sologamy Legal?

Self-marriage is a symbolic act that is not legally binding. There will be no tax benefits, and you will not be required to change your marital status on any legal documents.

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