Neta Natter | BRS Faces Day Of Reckoning

Forget what Shakespeare said when he wrote the line ‘beware the Ides of March’. For the BRS, they might just have to beware of the happenings in November and December. With exit polls predicting a tough Sunday, when counting of votes takes place, and since no leader worth his or her salt believes they have done any wrong, many in the BRS are unsure of what November and December will be for the party this year. In the past, these months haven’t been all that inauspicious for the party, given their last byelections. With the Assembly polls held on November 30, with the results to be declared on December 3, many “sentimental” BRS leaders are worrying about tidings in November and December. They need not speculate too much though, since today this theory will be proven either right or wrong.

Sidelined Cops Look For Ray Of Hope

No matter who wins or loses the elections, officials from the All India Services ensure they keep themselves insulated from likely changes in the government that might come if a different party is voted to power. Waiting eagerly for the Telangana state Assembly election results are not just the political parties, but a slew of police officials of various ranks who claim they have been sidelined or ignored when posts were allocated. Several are hopeful that a new party in power could possibly change their fortunes. What if the party in power wins again? There is always a sympathy card that can be played followed by hoping for the best — was the advice of one such official.


YSRC Leaders Inadvertently Lose Weight

There is nothing quite like a bit of exercise every day. Walking of course is highly recommended. This is what some leaders of YSRC are realising, after they were driven out into the field by their party leadership as part of the ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ to tell the people of all that the YSRC government did in the last four years. So, the party leaders forced to leave the comfort of their offices and homes sweated it out, knocking doors in their constituencies. The result? It is not yet certain if people are buying the claims of the YSRC leaders, but as far as they themselves are concerned, the programme has surely been good with many reporting that they have lost weight, some doing so in significant amounts. So how can their party leadership find out how hard they worked? “They just have to weigh us now, the more weight we lost, means the more families we met,” was the response from one such leader.

AP Politicos Still Voting In Telangana

They can act. At least some of them do this well. But as far as the people of Andhra Pradesh are concerned, many Tollywood actors who claim close ties and links with Andhra and its leaders appear to have some bad scriptwriters writing their life stories. With voting in Telangana state just concluded, these actors are now being referred to as NRAs (non-resident Andhdraites), as in the case of actors Ali, and Posani Krishna Murali, who hold posts in the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy government and are seen discussing AP politics, endorsing YSRC leaders and so on. This being the case, why they have to rush to Telangana state to vote when they can pretty well shift their vote to AP is the question now doing the rounds.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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