Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2: What to Expect

Bridgerton Season 3 released on Netflix amid huge expectations. The makers too went out of the way to promote the latest season by taking the crew on tours across places, teasing the audience with video clips on social media and also interviews of the actors. Now that the first part of the highly anticipated Netflix series Bridgerton Season 3 has finally released on the OTT platform, let's find out if the series lives up to all the hype before its release.

Well, for starters, I am not giving out any spoilers that could ruin the mood or break the suspense. And this review is entirely my opinion and anybody could disagree with me.

First of all, what works for the series?
The scenic English settings, the actors, the beautiful language, exquisite jewellery, gorgeous costumes, Colin-Penelope romance and and of course the drama. Also, The Queen's character is a little more well etched than the previous seasons and so was her hairdo. Also notable was the inclusion of the people of color, Mr and Mrs Mondrich into the ton. While the last season brought the Sharma sisters (Edwina and Kate) from India, this season too seems to have a lot of them like Khanna, Malhotra which was a surprise! And Kate Sharma's reference to India while talking to her mother-in-law, Velvet about family values left quite an impression.
Also, the steamy scenes between Anthony and Kate, who are bent on making an heir, keep the audience at the edge of their seats.
We are all thrilled to see Colin and Penelope taking their chemistry up a notch with their love-making in the carriage with some beautiful violin music in the background.
Colin proposing marriage was the best thing to happen to not just the Bridgerton series but also the viewers who couldn't handle the tension between the couple anymore. But, there's a problem and I don't have to tell you what it is.

What doesn't work?
The entry of the newest Bridgerton sibling—Francesca. Where was the need for the makers to introduce a new character when the stories of the existing cast members are not complete yet? Unlike the other seasons, this season did not keep me hooked right from the first episode, There seems to be a lag. There are way too many balls happening this season, which seems too much to take. All the confrontations and meetings are happening in the ballroom. I mean, seriously?
It was so much fun to watch Eloise and Pen celebrating Galentines in the previous episodes because in season 3, her frenemy Cressida Cowper is no match for Eloise
to have any intellectually stimulating conversations. We don't blame Cowper, considering her goal is to get Lord Debling by hook or crook, even if it means ill-treating Penelope. So, yes. We do miss Pen-Eloise banter. Benedict Bridgerton is back to being himself and this time, he has chosen Lady Tilley Arnold and is content with his exploits.

You have got a visitor
Lady Danbury's brother Lord Anderson arrives much to her dissatisfaction and he seems to be making a pass at Violet Bridgerton.

What to expect in Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2
Velvet might as well take a break from finding suitors for her daughters and get some love into her life
I have a feeling that the author was hinting at Eloise finding a partner in the queen's friend Lord Samadani, who's actually meant for Francesca. However, we all know who has caught Francesca's heart.

The threat
Eloise is almost on the verge of revealing to her brother Colin who Lady Whistledown is, but stops herself. But after watching the Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 promo, the day is not far when El will spill the beans on the true identity of Penelope.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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