We tend to forget our good work, says Allu Arjun

Reigning star Allu Arjun was addressing the audience at the 20 years celebration of his blockbuster film ‘Arya’ and was a bit hesitant in the beginning. “I don't know where to start from,” he said and added, “Firstly, Dil Raju met me during my birthday celebrations and broached the topic about re-releasing our hit movie ‘Arya’ since it was 20 years since it was released. I told him that re-releasing would have a lot of logistics issues so we resolved to hold a get-together event with the team,” he added.

He claims that actors and directors do some good films and thereafter become busy with their own work. “We tend to forget our good work in the course of our life. In fact, Arya was the biggest life changing movie in my career,” says Allu Arjun and thanks Dil Raju for organizing this event. "So sweet of you Rajugaru,’ he quips. He says that he doesn't know what to talk about- about making of the film, some instances during the making or about other things. “I could have done a better job as an actor in ‘Arya’ although it was a blockbuster film,” he explains.

He claims to be roaming around for a one year and watching all movies in theatres and was waiting for a magical script. “I was spending my time watching movies at RTC crosswords and also was listening to two or three scripts a day but nothing was exciting enough,” he informs. He happened to meet director Sukumar at one of the screenings of ‘Dil’ and then everything fell into place. “He approached me and narrated this story to me.I felt it was a mindblowing script and it turned out to be a big winner at the box office and gave me the much needed break,” he concludes.

Interestingly, Allu Arjun and Sukumar joined hands after more than 15 years to make 'Pushpa The Rise' and now are busy in making 'Pushpa The Rule' to rock box office worldwide.

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