Prabhutva Junior Kalasala A Teenage Love Story

Cast: Pranav Preetham, Shajna Sree Venun

Director: Srinath Pulakuram
Producer: Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri
Banner: Black Ant Pictures
Presented by: Mrs. Kovvuri Aruna
The film "Prabhutva Prabhutva Junior Kalasala—Punganur-500143" hit the screens today.
Directed by Srinath Pulakuram and produced by Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri under the banner, Black Ant Pictures, the movie stars Pranav Preetham and Shajna Sree Venun. Based on a true incident, the film has generated buzz through its promotions. Let's find out how the movie is.

Plot: Vasu (Pranav Preetham) is an Intermediate first-year student at a government junior college. Kumari (Shajna Sree Venun), the most beautiful girl in college, also studies there. She garners attention from seniors, classmates, and even teachers. Vasu, too, falls for Kumari but initially hesitates to express his feelings. Eventually, he musters up the courage to propose to her. Their love story unfolds with tender moments, leading to a question: Does their teenage love lead to marriage? To find out, you should watch the movie.

Teenage love stories have a unique charm and attracts the youth. The first half is filled with fun and relatable college scenes. From cycling to college to library moments, every scene reminds audience of their college days.
The interaction between the students is natural and engaging. The film also addresses socio-economic backgrounds, showcasing the struggles of students from poor backgrounds. The second half showcases more emotional narratives such as the challenges and sentiments in teenage love.

Pranav Preetham shines as an ordinary student, portraying Vasu with natural charm. Shajna Sree Venun, as Kumari, is also impressive. Their chemistry is clean. This aspect makes the movie a wholesome family entertainer. The supporting cast, fellow students and parents, deliver decent performances.

The director’s choice of a real-life-inspired teenage love story does trike a chordw ith the audience. The cinematography is noteworthy.

Verdict: Prabhutva Junior Kalasala is a typical college love story which will connect with the youth.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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