Words aren’t enough to thank Surekha, says Megastar Chiranjeevi

Fans are selfless and show unconditional love: Surekha Konidela

Hyderabad: Few stars have been the heart-throbs of Telugus spanning generations as this rockstar of Tollywood. Not for nothing is Chiranjeevi Konidela known as the Megastar of Tollywood. He stands tall and peerless—the unchallenged king of the celluloid domain. The nation’s second highest civilian award the Padma Vibhushan was conferred on Chiranjeevi this Republic Day. But there's more to Chiru (as fans fondly call him), than movies as was evident during his recent friendly banter with a select group of senior woman journalists at his residence in Hyderabad. Here are some snap shots from the casual interaction.

Social media
Be it giving a peek into the celebrations at home or making his signature style dosas, the senior actor gives major family goals on social media. What you post on a public platform can send out a message to the public, he says.

Mega Sankranti

The mega family came together to celebrate Sankranti at Chiranjeevi's Bengaluru residence. The pictures were all over the Internet. The veteran actor gives complete credit to his wife Surekha for organising it so well. He says she readied the house for the festival on a war footing and also gave a heads-up to all the members of the mega family, months ahead of the festival.

"Earlier, they were young and would come over at short notice. But, now everyone is a star and is occupied with work, and hence we had to inform them well in advance. And all of them accepted the invitation wholeheartedly as they also wanted something like this." Pawan couldn't make it because of his political commitments, but his kids came, says Surekha.

The bond between family members seems to be missing these days as everybody is caught up in their busy lives. Sankranti was the perfect occasion to strengthen the bond between members of all age groups—from kids to the older generation, adds the veteran actor. The Mega family had organised indoor games, food—everything in one place so that they could all spend some quality family time together.

Surekha's support

Commending his wife Surekha's unwavering support throughout his life, Chiru says, "I have described her contribution to my success on scores of occasions, but I find myself at a loss for words when I attempt to make you understand how powerful her influence is. She's the pillar who holds the family together. She goes all out in doing anything and is very sporting which was apparent when we had a party at home with all my female co-stars from the 1980s. It would never have been possible without her. Everybody loves her."

Chiranjeevi is an open book: Surekha

Talking about being secure in a relationship, Surekha adds, saying, “Trust is very important in a relationship. Everybody knows him and he’s an open book. I am impressed by his warmth towards people.”

Encouraging new talent

Chiranjeevi is often seen attending film events of not only big stars, but newbies too. The industry knows the way he promotes talent. “Even I get bored of clichéd scripts and routine stories. The OTT exposure during the Covid pandemic widened our perspectives. It brought in a change in the general entertainment template. Youngsters come with fresh ideas and encouraging and promoting such talent will result in good cinema,” asserts Chiranjeevi.

Movie with mega actors

When asked if there would be a movie featuring all the mega actors, Chiranjeevi says, “It’s not just about making a movie with everybody, the success of the film also matters. Without good content, there’s no point.” While the megastar is already prepping for his role in Vishwambhara, his lineup also includes Chiru157 with his daughter Sushmitha and production house People Media. There is also the remake of Malayalam hit, Bro Daddy, with Varun Tej, which is likely to happen.

Padma Vibhushan

There were rumours about Padma Vibhushan award weeks ahead, says the actor. But he brushed them off as mere speculation. But when it was announced, he was thrilled. The actor’s house is filled with bouquets and flooded with people from all walks of life, who are flocking to his home to congratulate him.

Chiranjeevi and Surekha on Mega fans

That Chiranjeevi is involved in a range of philanthropic activities is widely known. How did the thought come about? Fans are like unguided missiles. It is important to channelise their efforts in the right direction, which can work wonders, says Chiranjeevi. “It would pain me to see society looking down upon fans as those who merely put up wall posters and do idol worship. But see what they are capable of. Fans are involved in so many constructive activities. I wanted to remove certain misconceptions about fans. We are indebted to fans. They are selfless and work relentlessly and give us unconditional love. They invest a lot of time and effort,” signs off Surekha.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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