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Published on: December 30, 2022 | Updated on: December 30, 2022

Prominent film personalities talk about how they wish the industry should move forward

Sandhya Raju, National Award-winning actress. (Photo By Arrangement)

Sandhya Raju, National Award-winning actress. (Photo By Arrangement)

Filmmakers and actors are always trying out new techniques and roles. Freshness is key to progress, and as we ring in the New Year, they talk about the way they hope the industry will progress in the immediate future.

More biopics please

I believe we need to have more biopics of extraordinary people in our country. Tales of unsung heroes make for compelling content. Real life provides a narrative to which one can truly relate. Such inspiring stories will also serve to educate and empower people. Watching inspirational movies, especially when you know they’re true stories, appeals to that part of one’s imagination that drives one’s own life. Such narratives have greater recall value.
-  Sandhya Raju, National Award-winning actress

Time to be fair


I would like to see casting done based on merit and talent and not on the basis of the ‘reach’ and ‘followers’ of an actor, because some people don’t have organic followers. Followers accrue often because people post bold content using the ‘sex sells’ concept. Actresses should be selected because they have the talent the character demands and they fit the role. It’s about time we be fair. More so, in a field (film industry) where the opportunities are only a handful. This is one reason many good movies tank. If popularity were enough, every movie with a big star would be a hit.                              
— Natasha Doshi, actress

Let’s celebrate culture

There’s too much violence in cinema! I feel films shouldn’t spread violence and negativity. Such movies influence the audience and provoke hatred. We are living in such busy times where spending time with family has become a fantasy. So I wish to see more films that are high on comedy, relationships and family situations, and inculcate a positive attitude. Films need not necessarily bring about change, but they should at least make the audience think. Also, I want to see more films that are culturally rooted and glorify our heritage. Films which have done that in the past have won brownie points. Kantara is a case in point.
—   Abburi Ravi, ace screenwriter

Independent music

I believe there’s more scope for independent musicians to showcase their work through platforms like independent/private songs and shows. In films, songs are governed by scripts but independent music brings out so much more in an artiste that the audience can connect to. The audience can get to know more about the performer’s journey through independent songs. Although Tollywood is doing great in terms of songs and music, independent songs will add a different dimension to its repertoire. In the existing band culture, artistes perform/sing rehash versions of films songs, but if we can come up with 40 percent of original songs, (Independent music), the shows will become more engaging and lively.      — Yamini Ghantasala, singer

Demolish content barriers

Often, I find people saying the content of a film appeals to only the audience in A or B or C centres (metros, cities, and villages/towns, respectively). Such prejudice is like ‘casteism’ in cinema. I want that barrier to be broken. Without such commercial barricades, filmmakers will be able to deliver more creative content. Cinema is universal. I’m glad to see that the change has already started, both audiences and actors are welcoming scripts irrespective of the scale of the film.                                                                   
— Harish, director

See more of young blood

We are living in an era where content-based films are being appreciated. So I want to see an influx of more youngsters in all the crafts – be it as filmmakers, actors or technicians. Gen Next can come up with fresh ideas and perspectives, and their ability to look at cinema differently is inspiring. I want producers to believe in the vision of young directors who can come up with engaging stories and create a lasting impact. With the emergence of OTT, we cannot get away with mediocre or mundane scripts. Post pandemic, most of the films that did well in all the languages had youngsters wielding the baton, proving the point.              — Kabir, actor

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