Get into shape: Nara Rohit's resolution

The actor talks about his upcoming film Appatlo Okadundevadu, his future as a producer and marriage plans.

Nara Rohit’s Appatlo Okadundevadu which releases today is his sixth release this year. “The subject is fresh. I play a Muslim character and it’s new for me,” says Rohit. The film is based on the incidents that happened in Hyderabad in the early ‘90s.

“This is not a biopic — we just created a story based on those incidents,” says the actor who plays an ‘encounter specialist’ in it. “We touch upon a lot of topics like naxalism, Cricket, globalisation, love, betrayal, hatred and gang wars, in relation to our story, without delving deep,” he adds.

Recently, a few films based on real incidents were heavily criticised but Rohit is confident that his film is not controversial. “There won’t be a problem for our film as we have taken a reference of the lives of a few people and their experiences. The people connected to those incidents are taken as a thread in the film. It isn’t hero or villain-centric film and is completely story based,” shares the actor, who co-stars with Sri Vishnu and Brahmaji in the film.

This is the third time Rohit plays a policeman, and this time different from his earlier roles. “I play a cop who is Muslim and so, there’s a lot happening around the character because of the religion. It is interesting for me,” he says. Although the film is releasing post demonetisation, Rohit isn’t worried.

“I don’t think it is a problem. A few films released recently and have done well. Even Hindi film Dangal has done well. If the film is good, people will definitely come to theatres to watch it. Demonisation has affected expenditure on goods, but I don’t think it matters for films,” he says.

Coincidentally, Rohit’s 2014 film Prathinidhi had mentioned a ban on big currency. Now that it has actually happened, Rohit is amazed himself. “I had wondered then if it is possible in real life. But now that it has happened, I can see the problems it can cause. However, good days are ahead of us,” he opines.

The actor has also turned producer with this film. “I wanted to produce a film from a long time, but I was waiting for a good project and this one came along. I want to produce different cinema and will continue to do so in future too,” he says.

In the last two years, the actor has done nearly nine films. That’s quite a number compared to the period from his debut in 2009 to 2014 when he did only four films.

“Actually I wanted to do two to three films a year, but this year, it just happened. Couple of films were supposed to release last year, but got postponed. Next year, I am not doing as many films since I want to concentrate on production. I watch some of the films directly in theatres and felt that I can give my inputs before its release. Next year I will be concentrating on quality cinema,” he says.

The actor was seen in a few multistarrers this year and wants to continue the same. “I don’t mind sharing screen space with anyone. I always give importance to the story and my character and I am ready to do more multistarrers. If the story is good, I am not bothered by my screen space,” he says.

Speaking of trolls, Rohit feels it is all part of the game and you have to take the criticism in a positive manner. “The pressure should be to do a good film,” he says. The actor is spending a lot of time in Hyderabad with his family and friends for the party season. His New Year resolution is, to get into shape! “I am working on it. Next year, you can see a big change,” he promises.

On the personal front, Rohit is set to get married next year. “I have told my parents that I am ready and they are already in search of a girl,” says the actor. Are the girls listening?

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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