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'There should be life beyond films'

Published Aug 30, 2021, 9:05 pm IST
Updated Aug 30, 2021, 11:15 pm IST
Rakul Preet Singh talks about the joy of prepping for her roles, her keenness in doing a sports biopic, life beyond films
Rakul Preet Singh
 Rakul Preet Singh

Looks like Rakul Preet Singh has got the hang of shooting in the new normal. With five films in her kitty in Hindi and Telugu, the actress is going from strength to strength.
She will be seen as a tribal shepherd girl in her next film, Konda Polam, directed by Krish. Although she has played a village belle earlier, Rakul says that her role as Obulamma is the most authentic she has done so far.

Saying that a lot of prepping was required for the part, Rakul shares that she had to undergo a makeover to portray the shepherd girl. “I had to work extensively on my looks and body language, study how shepherd women carry themselves and of course, mind the sheep,” she smiles. “I learnt to make the peculiar bleating sound that catches the attention of the sheep, and use a stick to bring the flock under control. Just imagine, there were days when I was shooting with more than 1000 sheep on the sets,” she reveals, adding that controlling the sheep while shooting was tough and took a lot of patience. She also had to get used to the forest which is home to the tribal women.


The transformation was a step-by-step process, she says. First, she had to get the right tanned look. She also studied the body language of the shepherd women, and how they dress (lehengas and half sarees) and cook to make herself look authentic.
Obulamma is a charismatic, brave, and loveable character and the role is very close to her heart, Rakul reveals. “She’s emotional and compassionate, yet strong. I had a lot of fun playing the role, it was like discovering a new side of myself every day on the set,” the De De Pyar De star says.


Rakul has played a variety of roles over the years, and feels that a plus-point of her profession is that actors get to be a number of different people without actually taking up any of those jobs. “I can be a pilot, a sprinter, a tribal woman. You get an idea about every profession you play and that’s the most exciting part of the job,” she beams.
Rakul will be seen as a pilot in her upcoming Hindi film, May Day, starring Ajay Devgn. Being a fauji girl, what does it feel like to play a pilot, we ask. “I don’t think me being a fauji girl has anything to do with my role as a pilot in Mayday,” she smiles. “It’s just that I am in uniform”. She says “I took training to understand the controls inside the cockpit.”


Talking about the movie, she says “I am happy about the script, the role and of course, the actors I am working with. Getting a chance to work with Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ajay Sir again has been an amazing experience,” she adds.   
While acting is her career, Rakul feels strongly that there should be life beyond films. So what does she do when she’s not shooting? “I read a lot, I bake, play golf and hang out with my friends. My family and friends give me a reality check,” she shares, adding, “Without the support of my family and the audience I wouldn’t have been the person I am today.”


As a sports junkie, Rakul also keeps a tab on what’s happening around. She is full of praise for the performance of the Indian contingent in the recently concluded Olympics. “Now look at our players’ performance in Paralympics; it’s incredible,” she says, adding that the Indian performance has been the best ever in the Olympics.
 “It’s a matter of pride. Such stellar performances will give a direction to many more promising and upcoming athletes. Our medal winners made people realise the potential of their respective sports and also showed that a career can be made out of it,” the Manmadhudu 2 star says.


Being a national-level golfer, wouldn’t she want to be part of a sports biopic, we ask. “Of course,” she replies. “I would love being part of a sports biopic. If something nice comes my way, I’ll definitely take it.”
 “I am not in a monotonous job, so I wake up with a lot of zest, focus, hope, and enthusiasm every day, wanting to do more and more. I am living my passion and the fire in me pushes me to keep experimenting and be a better version of myself every second day,” she says, and thanks the audience and film fraternity for their continuous support.


Interestingly, Rakul has always managed to look the perfect match for her co-stars of all age groups. Can we call it a ‘knack’?
“I don’t know,” she says, smiling. “I am a firm believer in the fact that you exude your vibe. If you are happy within, you’ll naturally look happy outside. If you are happy with what you are doing, it reflects on screen,” she says. She also stresses the need to take care of your body.

She notes that the film industry has changed, and it’s no longer true that once an actress is paired with a senior actor, she cannot be cast opposite a younger one, and vice-versa. “I think we are way past that; times have changed and the audience is looking for ‘engaging content’. It’s all about the script, looks, how you carry those roles, etc. And I am glad that people are feeling that way,” she asserts.