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Jayasudha remembers aunt Vijaya Nirmala

Published Jun 30, 2019, 12:08 am IST
Updated Jun 30, 2019, 7:33 am IST
Vijaya Nirmala
 Vijaya Nirmala

Actress Jayasudha is beside herself at the death of Vijaya Nirmala who was her aunt; Jayasudha’s dad and Vijaya Nirmala were cousins. If one also recalls, it was Vijaya who’d introduced Jayasudha to films. “Our families were very close. And when I was 11 years old, aunt Nirmala introduced me to the industry with Pandanti Kapuram. She was my inspiration. Today if anyone knows Jayasudha, it is because of her,” recalls Jayasudha fondly.

Talking about Vijaya’s charisma, the actress says, “She was always heading any big function or event that happened in the family. I also know she took on the responsibility for many marriages in our family. In fact, every Diwali, we would all gather at aunt Nirmala’s house. And if one of us couldn’t make it, she would call up that person personally to check if everything’s alright.”

Jayasudha remembers how her aunt never bothered if anyone in the family missed her birthday but got really angry if they missed the Diwali event. “It was a tradition that began in Chennai and continued after we moved to Hyderabad. We had all gathered together for the last Diwali too. Looking back, it feels strange that everyone then had thought of taking a selfie with her,  ” recalls Jayasudha.

Jayasudha then talks about her aunt’s affection towards her. “Vijaya garu knew that I like mutton fry so whenever she cooked her special mutton fry, she’d keep some aside for me,” Jayasudha recalls affectionately.

Talking about the loss to her aunt’s husband Krishna, an emotional Jayasudha says, “More than a wife and husband, my aunt and Krishna garu were very good friends. She was Krishna garu’s best friend, and vice-versa. Today’s he’s lost not only his wife but also his best friend. But Krishna garu is a strong man who has faced and come through numerous hurdles in his personal and professional career. I am confident he will find his inner strength again.”

Like many others bereaved by Vijaya Nirmala’s loss, Jayasudhais trying to come to terms with the present. “If anything had happened in the family, the first call would go to aunt Nirmala. She knew how to put us at ease. She’d regale us all with her childhood stories. She will always remain the big inspiration and role model she was to me and many women in the industry,” says the actress, signing out.



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