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Gururaj turns scriptwriter

Published Dec 29, 2019, 1:37 am IST
Updated Dec 29, 2019, 1:37 am IST

Gururaj known for films like Rakshakabhatudu, Anandam and Lovers Day, is gearing up for another one, titled Ullaala Ullaala. Interestingly, apart from producing the fantasy thriller, he has also turned script and screenplay writer for the Satya Prakash directorial.

Talking about his stint as a story writer, Gururaj says, “As a producer, in my earlier films I felt I couldn’t transfer a few potentially key scenes in the script on to the screen successfully. But I have learnt from my mistakes and decided to take on the mantle of writing the story for Ullaala Ullaala.”

When Satya Prakash came up with the plot line, Gururaj, who is also an actor, started developing it. “There’s a world of difference between how a producer and a writer envision the plot. I wanted to do justice to my script and leave nothing to chance in making the film; now there is a great sense of gratification,” explains Gururaj.

The lead pair Noorin and Natraj look promising in the film, he says. Ullaala Ullaala is scheduled for release on January 1.



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